Your figure will be perfect. But to start a little popotey

Every woman wants an ideal …. And this is understandable. Completely satisfied with their appearance of women, almost does not exist. Each of us has our own “problem areas” that we would like to correct or at the worst, hide. We are offered many ways to make the legs slimmer, the chest – higher, the waist – thinner, remove the stomach, hide the fullness of the hands … But most importantly, do not get confused in such a wide variety. This is why I want to contribute to your good goals by talking about various fitness programs. Perhaps, some of them seem to you not new and even banal. But the secret of beauty lies in their fulfillment, not knowledge. And if you read this article, it means that you do not follow all the rules. And therefore – read, remember (or remember) and turn classes in the fitness center into your favorite habit, if you want to have seductive forms.

Pilates are …
A fashionable and beautiful, challenging and very useful area of ​​modern fitness. Gymnastic programs “PILATES” occupy one of the leading places in popularity and attendance among clients of health and sports centers.

PILATES(Pilates) – a unique technique, aimed at stretching and depth in the muscles and joints. This technique allows you to stretch and strengthen the basic muscle groups, develop joint flexibility, elasticity of ligaments and power endurance, having a soft effect on the body, while strengthening it.

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