What were the most trendy beauty images of stars in 2014

How many of the chic images of celebrities we saw last year! All sorts of ceremonies, shootings, TV shows, changing hairstyles, various makeup … We decided to sum up and choose not just the options of beautiful make-up, but the most trendy beauty images of stars for 2014. So, who needs to be equal this year? Read in our material!  

Какими были самые трендовые бьюти-образы звезд в 2014 году

past year – it was a year«bold»trends in makeup. It is such an image when a bright emphasis is placed on one thing. For example, the unusual color of eyeliner, bright lips orblush. To wear such a make-up, you need courage and self-confidence. And these star girls have it!  

If you want to repeat one of these images, but are afraid to look too bright and defiant, do not worry. Any of the trends can beadapted to real life. For example, a bright shade of liner can be worn in tandem with classic black arrow, then it will not be so much evident. And for dark lips can be used not only silnopigmentirovannuyu matte lipstick, but the glossy shine bright colors. This makeup will look and trendy enough, and you will be comfortable with it. The most important– do not be afraid to move away from the usual brown shadows and nude lipsticks. After all, experiments with appearance give us strength and inspiration for other important achievements!

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