What makeup is better than Photoshop? Show stars

They are always under the sights of cameras, so they rarely leave the house with a “naked” face. And since modern highly sensitive technology can capture even the smallest flaw   in appearance, the stars use HD technology.

The photo-make-up is very different from the usual make-up – day or evening. Studio or light from camera flashes “eats” up to 90% of colors in some cases, so make-up must be very saturated, bright, clear and … inconspicuous at the same time. This is possible thanks to HD-cosmetics (HD from high definition – high accuracy, resolution), which creates a kind of photoshop effect without photoshop. All the bruises, wrinkles, redness are disguised, but no makeup is visible. How to make such a magical make-up – read our advice.

Какой макияж лучше фотошопа? Показывают звезды

Tatiana Kravchenko

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