Visual weight loss with decorative cosmetics

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The essence of “make-up” make-up is the correct contouring of the face, with which you can hide flaws (puffy cheeks, second chin, wide cheekbones) and focus on virtues (expressive eyes, seductive lips). How to do it and what you need for it, read below.

Визуальное похудение при помощи декортивной косметики

The oval face is considered to be the standard of beauty, therefore all our actions will be aimed at getting closer to this form. For this you need a few shades of tonal means.

The first tonal tool should match the shade of your skin, the second tone one tone lighter, and the third tone 1-2 times darker than your natural skin color. Now in stores you can buy special bronzers for face contouring, in palettes which usually already have 2-3 variations of shades. Choose such products without a shimmer and sequins, it is desirable that they are matte.

The main rule in face contouring is to darken those parts of the face that we need to hide and highlight what we want to highlight.

First, apply a tonal shade of your skin to the entire face. Then you can start correcting the deficiencies using a lighter and darker hue.

round face

If you have a round face, in order to visually “pull” it is necessary to darken a shade darker tone means or bronzer powder temples, cheeks and sides of the face. Do not forget to brighten the forehead and chin area, this will help the person become more pointed.

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square face

square face should visually narrow. To do this, we need to highlight the area of ​​the forehead and chin, and the area around the edges of the face is darkened to make it appear already.

Triangular face

To make the triangular shape a wider Illuminate the area under the eyes. This will create the illusion of high cheekbones. Light powder also apply on the forehead to make it wider. Then darken the sides of the face, this will visually make the face already.

In addition to the oval, other small imperfections can easily be corrected with the help of decorative cosmetics, for example, chubby cheeks, thin lips or expressionless and small eyes.

thin lips

visually enlarge thin lips, you can use the lip liner and lipstick beige. Choose a lip pencil that best fits your lip color. After you outline the outline, apply a lipstick or shine of beige or nude shade. It is advisable to refuse a dark or bright lipstick – it will on the contrary make your lips even smaller.

expressive look

visually make eyes more, you can use a white eyeliner on the mucosa of the lower eyelid. This little secret will not only increase the eyes, but also give freshness to the look. And to make the look more expressive, use the classical rule in applying shadows: dark shadows need to be applied along the line of the eyelashes and at the outer corner, light ones – on the upper eyelid and at the nose.

plump cheeks

Choose natural shades of blush and apply them to the area between the tip of the nose and temples. The most intense color should be applied to the cheekbones. Also, in order to divert attention from the cheeks, make an emphasis on make-up on the eyes.  

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