Unusual diets: what is sun-eating

Any diet restricts you to eating, calling either to give up some products, or to reduce portions. But there is a diet that completely denies food and even water as such. It is called sun-eating (variants: a day-to-day life,   braternity).

Необычные диеты: что такое солнцеедение

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Solntseedy voluntarily waives any food (especially ardent supporters do not accept and drink), assuming that the sunlight and the air will it be enough (hence the second name of breath – breath ).

The diet has emerged in India, originates from the philosophical trend of Hinduism, whose followers decided to eat the so-called prana (the life force emanating from the sun), because one more name of the diet is tranquility.  

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modern science with skepticism refers to such a diet, because it completely contradicts the possibilities of the body. It goes without saying that on such a diet you will not last long. But this is not just fasting for losing weight, but a way to cleanse the body.

So, it’s quite easy to keep a diet in terms of what you do not need to worry about, what foods when you have. You can only use water in small quantities (with the option of a complete rejection of liquids do not experiment). All you have to do is walk barefoot on the ground and look at the sun with tranquility. Unreal with your lifestyle? That is why sunbathing is practiced for the most part in India – a country where almost no one is in a hurry anywhere and can affordto meditatefor hours.

Sunshine is a diet for seasoned and patient. In two days, it will not work on it – according to one of the most popular methods, it will be possible to completely adapt to the diet as much as 9 months later. To do this, you should walk barefoot at least 45 minutes a day and look at the sun. Starting from 10 seconds for several months to reach 44 minutes, and then completely stop (although many are not knowing this rule, look for several hours). The main thing is, do not look at the sun during the day, it will harm your eyes, just before sunrise or sunset.

There is no universal way to turn off power during the transition to sunlight. It is believed that after you establish a “contact” with the earth and the sun, your body will understand itself, from which gradually refuse to eat.

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man who seriously decided to do solntseedeniem must have serious self-control and appropriate mental attitude. Otherwise, the whole process will turn into banal starvation without benefit. If you are too materialist or busy 25 hours a day business woman, it is unlikely that you will find complete harmony with nature. You can not feel the energy that fills your body from the ground through bare feet or comes from the sun.    

It is believed that sun exposure helps with anorexia, because the patient does not force food forcibly. On the contrary, a person reaches a maximum – a complete rejection of food, and then returns to a normal balanced diet.

At the end it should be said that although the adherents praise such a method of starvation, boasting that for several weeks they sit painlessly without food for several weeks, nutritionists are categorically against sun-eating, believing that if necessary, a person will have enough of a normal day of rest. Conclusion – it all depends on each person individually. To someone, sun-eating will help to get all the muck out of the body, and someone will plant organs. In any case, to engage in amateur performance in such a serious matter is definitely not worth it!

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