Top 5 major errors when swinging the press

After watching the next film in which the hero everywhere and everywhere demonstrates his relief and flat stomach, it is quite natural for the viewer’s desire to become like an idol.

Топ 5 главных ошибок при качании пресса

The most important thing is to take the first step, but you need to step carefully so as not to harm your health and after the first exercise you do not throw this sensible idea into a long box. Consider the main mistakes, thanks to which dreams of a beautiful press and can remain dreams.

Regular transfer of training for tomorrow

As they say in the famous advertising slogan: “Just do it”, right here and right now, perform a few exercises on the press. In an extreme case, postpone this moment until a clearly fixed date, and after doing the exercises, pamper yourself a little – just a little something pleasant, otherwise apply hard penalties. The first step is made, we proceed to the next error.

On the first workout I’m a hero, and then …

Share on the first training to the maximum, to the press, “burned.” Do not do this, it is optimal to perform 2-3 exercises in 70-80% of your strength. This will not lead to an increase in muscles, but before the next training they will not be very sick.

no regular training

sure to engage in a day, gradually increasing the load. For beginners should pay attention to the regularity of the exercise. At least one approach, and let it be possible to do 2-3 repetitions, but definitely every other day to develop a habit!

Improper technique exercises

Do not make jerky, jerky movements. And before the injury near. The correctness of the exercises is half the success. Repetition should be done calmly, with a uniform load on the press section being worked on, both in the positive phase and in the negative phase.

Excessive load on the neck

Usually, newcomers during exercises draw hands to head, chest touching the chin. This is very harmful to the neck and threatens with serious pain. During the exercise, do not pull your head with your hands, just hold it lightly with your fingertips, and the distance between your chin and your chest should be at least your palm.

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