Tips Vyacheslav Dyudenko hair care and stylish hair styles this summer

“I want women as flowers to decorate our world”
V.Dyudenko, jury of the HairX contest “Beauty of my hair”

Советы Вячеслава Дюденко по уходу за волосами и стильным прическам этого летаWhat hairstyles are fashionable this season, how to make hair and hairstyle relevant, how to properly care for hair, and what you need to do to please jury members read in the interview.

Which hairstyles are fashionable this season?

Vyacheslav Dyudenko:
If you take dark hair, then this season will be relevant color with a touch of purple. In the early 90’s in the fashion were Burgundy, Burgundy colors, the predominance of the admixture of red, but now it is more berry shades: currant. After a long period of disheveled hair, straightened long hair, small volumes now come waves, voluminous curls, glamorous, feminine style. On dark hair, the color itself should be velvety. This “velvety” gives just the outflow of purple.

If we talk about fair hair, people liked it at different times, and the fashion offered warm wheat colors, different variations of vanilla, sand blonde, accents with rozovinka. But now, at the peak of popularity, there are more pure tones, close to white. And it’s not about gray hair, but about white clean hair, more so-called Scandinavian blond.

If the heterogeneity of the hair texture was previously emphasized by the heterogeneity of the staining, then the integrity of the forms is important (if short hair is a two-level bob-kar, page, interpretations and the best achievements of the haircuts of previous years). The same kind of forms we had during the 1st World War of the twentieth century and in the 60s. Now they are again relevant. As for the average lengths, this is the geometry of the curl. If a small curl, then there must be a three-dimensional shape, and resemble some geometric figure – a rhombus, an ellipse, a trapezoid. Now it’s fashionable, stylish – it’s the style of the 80’s – a very urgent topic. And longer hair is a wave, but not wet, but dry, voluminous and sweeping. A shallow, wet, wave, which we usually associate with the parodic image of Ellochka the Cannibals, and the present ones, most likely, from the 30s, 40s.

What should I do to ensure that your hairstyle always remains relevant, regardless of the trend of the season?

VD .:not need to live in a dimension separate from the world. If you want to be young, you need to change. If you want to be old, do not change. If you do not change, then you preach some kind of stylistics, which was 5-10 years ago. This is what we are now observing. A person wedges on the hair of his youth, and he grows old because he remains yesterday.

How can I convince a woman who is accustomed to her image that she needs to change something?

VD .:Very easy to convince. When they become uninteresting to their men, they immediately resort to a hairdresser to look for new image. All this conservatism exists only up to a certain point, it is peculiar only to quiet married women. As soon as a woman goes to the hunting path, where she needs to look good, “presentation” looks, then she starts to follow herself. It seems to me that sedentarism and conservatism only appear, for example, in calm variants and in family prosperity. I watched many women, especially those who married 2-3 times. One can cite even secular women as an example – they behave politically and instructively when they are married. As soon as something happened in life, they fled … it is no longer edifying, but flowering, young, jumping.

It seems to me that those who claim to have found themselves, they generally do not know themselves. They mostly play certain stereotypes – the stereotype of the wife, the bride, the mother, the daughter. But the cliché is not always progressive. The problem is that the roles that women choose are taken from the immediate environment. And the nearest environment is not always an objective choice.

In addition, as a prince on a white horse will notice a woman, if she dresses equally with her girlfriends, wherever they appear. How can the prince separate her from the crowd?

How to take care of your hair properly?

VD .:
1. Be sure to color the hair. If I live in the city, and do not dye my hair, I do not know what can be justified. We apply nail polish on our nails, apply lipstick to our lips, apply mascara to ink, use daytime, night creams, masks – pay attention to everything, and hair is like weeds.
2. To have luxurious long hair – you need to look after them, and give it time. The longer the hair, the drier it is. It is necessary to make such masks, additional care procedures, ampoules, serums to support the tips, etc. That is, in addition to succulent color, a good healthy shine should be maintained by daily preventive care. Just wear long hair – you can not. I like long hair, but I do not like long weeds. If a woman wants to wear long hair, then they should be aesthetic, stylish, chic and expensive, like long roses or lilies, but not like a haystack.
3. Hair can not be stained wildly. You need to keep fit. It’s not necessarily about the haircuts, when the length is removed. We need contours by volume. At us think as: a hairstyle is only removal of length, and consequently everyone go with the forms which have nothing to do with long hair of film stars, known models – the shapeless hairs of hair in one length simply grows. These hair do not move, do not flutter – they look like a pressed wig.

What hair care products should be in the daily diet of a woman?

VD .:It cosmetics: shampoo and balm (also known as air-conditioning, and it is rinse aid). This is for daily use. And from time to time you can make masks – once a week. If someone’s hair is afraid to re-energize and weight, then the mask can be done 1 time in 2 weeks. Everyone chooses his own periodicity. The big problem for our women is that they do not know how to use air conditioners or masks. Many do not know, how to foaming shampoo. It turns out that not everyone knows that the last time you wash your hair, you need it to be an airy foam. The second – you can not apply balm directly to the head. If so, the scalp receives nutrients in a concentrated form, and they fall on the roots, and after 2-3 hours the head fades, and the laying does not hold. The most damaged hair is the ends, so you must first apply the balm to the ends, and the last – to the roots. You need to know these simple rules for hair care. Many women have unpainted hair in a worse state than blondes that are painted in salons. They grow weeds and believe that it is beautiful. Which products are better for using: professional or prepared at home?

What are the best tools to use: professional or cooked at home?

VD .:Companies spend millions each year on research products for hair care, and I do not believe that some old lady, wise woman knows how to take care of the hair! I did not come across one “option” when a client comes to me after using people’s funds. Non-poor women come with a terrible smell from the hair. It turns out that they rubbed a raw egg, onion, garlic or urine into the head. It is better not to invent anything, but to use professional means. “Калапуцькания” – for the poor and destitute.

How to choose the right hair products?

VD:You need to ask your master. Often people simply do not know the terminology. For example, there are products for different types of scalp, there are products for different types of hair care products. If you collect everything in aggregate, you can get 10-12 options for care products. A woman is difficult to choose, so you need to consult.

You are a member of the jury of the HairX contest – “The Beauty of My Hair”. What hair do you consider beautiful?

VD .:This dyed hair, shiny, well-groomed, with a stylish form. It is not weeds, and not a wild growth.

Which criteria will determine the winners?

VD:The hair must be beautiful to decorate the woman. The first criterion – it should be a girl/a woman who matches the magazine, the cover, the billboard. First of all, the beauty of the participant’s hair and their presentation will be evaluated – modern, stylish, tasty. If someone decides to use a make-up artist, stylishly dressed, if the photo or video is made by a professional photographer or cameraman, this will also be taken into account. The winner should not only show the presence of hair, but also create a holistic image.

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