Tip of the day: look like a supermodel

Tip of the Day from Cindy Crawford

Supermodel Cindy Crawford still works in the modeling business. 46-year-old mother of two children even removed nude for men’s gloss! How does she manage to keep an excellent figure?

Cindy herself says that the whole thing is not even physical activity, but the products that she eats. According to the model, the main thing is not to use cholesterol, because its absence in the blood facilitates the work of the heart.

That’s why Crawford feeds on oatmeal, bran and fish, which contains a group of Omega-3 acids that make the skin cleaner, softer and healthier. Also, the famous brown-haired woman does not forget about nuts and olive oil.

By the way, to properly moisturize the skin in the summer heat, the model regularly wipes the face with a simple mixture of milk and water, diluted in equal proportions.

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