The star diet of Leonardo DiCaprio: as an actor losing weight before the Oscar 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio, which is just in these days preparing for the ceremonyOscar 2016hoping to finally get the coveted statuette, most of the adult life shy of the figure: first, excessive thinness, and then   –   excessive fullness . How thin Leonardo DiCaprio, and also supports his weight   –   read in our material.  

Звездная диета Леонардо ДиКаприо: как актер худеет перед Оскаром 2016

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Leonardo DiCaprio his entire life ashamed of his figure. At first he terribly did not like excessive leanness, with which the actor constantly struggled with the help of sports (however, unsuccessfully). Somewhat later, when the unreal glory came to Leo, and he grew fat, I had to struggle with the fullness. And sinceDiCapriois prone to being overweight, and also loves Italian cuisine, the struggle for a beautiful figure has become the norm of his life.  


To be a successful actor, you need to have a perfect body. To get theOscar, you also need to have a perfect body. To have a fan, you need to have a perfect body. It so happened in the life of Leonardo DiCaprio, that without an ideal body, he is nowhere. However, the thin young man, whom we all remember from the films “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic” in the early 2000s, against the backdrop of frenzied popularity, decided that he could do everything: booze, Italian cuisine and the absence of a daily regime led to the fact that Leo has turned from a bad guy into a good fat man.  

леонардо дикаприо

Leo periodically gaining weight

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On the way to losing weight, the actor had to practice daily on the simulators, as well as severely restricting himself in the diet. The problem was that DiCaprio suffered from bulimia, and at any provocative moment ate without stopping flour and fat. As a result, together with dieticians and psychologists, Leo managed to get rid of excess weight and dependence on food. And for many years, including the current time, the diet is powered by a personal nutritionist and chef DiCaprio in one person.   In particular, Leo does not eat fatty, floury and actually does not drink (with the exception of dry red wines, and then in a limited number), and when the actor violates these rules –   immediately gains extra pounds. A day of star for many years begins with oatmeal, in the daytime in the diet of Leo – a few carbohydrates and proteins, in the evening – protein and vegetables. In this case, DiCaprio drinks up to three liters of water a day: you can drink 1,5 hours after eating, not earlier. Nutritionist Leo is confident that the liquid, when drunk during, or immediately after eating, slows the digestion process.  

лео дикаприо

diet results

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As for the sweet, you can eat it only once a week, and then: very little. In general, the diet menu of Leonardo DiCaprio looks like this.  

Breakfast:Oatmeal, soft-boiled egg, whole-grain toast, green tea. Fruit (except grapes, figs, mangoes).                  

Lunch:baked chicken (veal, rabbit, turkey), a little rice (macaroni from the hard varieties) and a salad.  

Dinner:baked fish (seafood), grilled vegetables.  

It is worth mentioning that it is forbidden to use cooking oil for the diet of Leonardo DiCaprio. This diet helps for a few weeks to come in a perfect shape for yourself.  

  In addition to strict enough nutrition rules, Leonardo DiCapriu three times a week engaged in thegym, and three times a week swims in the pool.  

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