The heaviest and easiest days for women are identified

Wednesday is the hardest day for women, according to British cosmetologists.

Определены самый тяжелый и легкий дни для женщин

They interviewed more than two thousand women to understand how their moods are changing during the week. Most of the participants said that they feel older on Monday. This is not surprising, cosmetologists say: if you used alcohol at the weekend and had fun, then lack of sleep and toxins will negatively affect your appearance.

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Every tenth interviewee said that the environment for it – the busiest day. By 15-16 o’clock in the middle of the week the representatives of the fair sex “collect” the largest number of wrinkles on their faces. Often, to raise the spirits of women eat something sweet, which also affects their skin.

The best day of the week was Friday – about 60% of respondents feel best in anticipation of the weekend.

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