The healing power of sounds. What kind of music do doctors listen to?

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The world of sounds that accompany the daily life of a person is multifaceted and diverse. It’s nice to wake up to the sound of rain, the singing of birds or the hissing of a teapot that your loved one put on the stove, wanting to make you coffee. And how sometimes it “pulls out” everyone the sound of a knocking hammer on the wall – neighbors again make repairs, howling sirens in the street or the unloved song of an unloved singer.

Church bells against plague

agree that we rarely think over what a huge impact on our health and mood have different sounds. And in vain, because thanks to them we can significantly improve their health, and maybe even cause him irreparable damage.

The Holy Scriptures tell us about King Saul, possessed by a demon. It was thanks to the bewitching melody of the harp performed by David that Saul became much better. Long ago people believed: if you stand on the Sunday of Christ under the ringing bells, you can get rid of yourself or protect yourself from serious illnesses. It turns out that this is not superstition at all: scientists have proved that the sounds of bells have a powerful healing power. An interesting fact is the historical fact: in the Middle Ages, some villages saved themselves from the plague epidemic, calling day and night into church bells. They knew about the impact of sounds on the well-being of a person and fascist psychologists: they tortured their prisoners with an ordinary water tap. People went crazy, listening daily to the rhythmic sounds of falling drops.Целительная сила звуков. Какую музыку советуют слушать врачи?I remember the sensational story of a girl in a coma: she was saved thanks to the fact that the famous Ukrainian singer, whose songs she idolized, sang them for her in the walls of intensive care. The girl, on whom the treating doctors had already put a cross, miraculously returned to life.

“The chanting of mantras in everyday meditations will be able to cleanse your energetics, get rid of many diseases. You, dear disciples, are already ready for this stage, but if an untrained person tries to hum the mantra, he can cause significant harm to his health, “the guru said, giving instructions to us, his faithful followers. Applying oriental methods of healing on my own experience, meditating and humming mantras, I was able to get rid of a disease that I tried unsuccessfully to treat with traditional methods for several years.

Singing cells

How sounds affect the human body? The biologist at the University of California David Deimer was able to scientifically explain this phenomenon: thanks to special instruments, he measured the vibrations of cells in the human body and translated them into the language of sounds. It turned out that the body cells “sing” and their melody directly depends on whether a person is healthy or ill.Целительная сила звуков. Какую музыку советуют слушать врачи?Healthy cells emit sounds similar to the sounds of mantras in oriental meditations, sick cells wheeze, and the dead ones make a little noise. Since the surrounding world is created from vibrations – waves of different frequency and longitude – due to sound vibrations it is possible to prevent negative processes in the human cell. Melodies of classical music, folk songs, as well as the sounds of nature – the voice of dolphins, the sound of rain, birds singing normalize the vibrations of cells, thus healing from various diseases. Scientists have proved that the sounds of a certain frequency improve the human memory by 45-50%, attention – by 25-30%, they also can normalize the rhythm of the heart, blood pressure, improve ventilation.

Sounds resume the motor function of the body after a stroke, not to mention the fact that favorite melodies are able to relieve depression and nervous exhaustion. Regular listening to classical works, for example, Mozart or Tchaikovsky melodies, contributes to the treatment of such complex diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. “Unfavorable” sounds, on the contrary, can cause a person to have tachycardia, hypertensive crisis or raise the temperature.
Целительная сила звуков. Какую музыку советуют слушать врачи?
To date, sound therapy – music therapy – is used in the fight against various diseases by scientists of many countries. Among them the leading place is occupied by the USA and Norway, music therapy in Denmark, Finland and Iceland is popular. Ukrainian doctors also gradually introduce medical treatment into medical practice, many cases of successful application of this method of treatment are known.

Lullaby instead of sleeping pills

Some psychologists recommend, if you feel bad – sing, if well – also sing. It is music that can help a person achieve inner harmony, get rid of bad thoughts and feelings. In India, music invariably accompanies a person in everyday life: a real Hindu daily listens to morning, lunch and evening tunes. And in our country people are real music lovers, but they do not always choose the music that is for them healing.
Целительная сила звуков. Какую музыку советуют слушать врачи?
Modern musicologists and music therapists unanimously affirm that if you want to improve your state of health, listen to classical music, for example Mozart’s works. The phenomenon of melodies of this composer is that they heal from many serious diseases, not to mention that significantly improve mood and intellectual abilities. Scientists explain the intense impact on human well-being of Mozart’s melodies by the fact that the vibrations of the composer’s works coincide with the vibrations of healthy neurons. The melodies of Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Gaidon will help relieve nervous tension. Neurosis heals Tchaikovsky’s music, migraine – Mendelssohn’s “Spring Song”. Healing is also performed by works of more modern composers, including well-known to all Strauss, Bartok, Skoryk, Lyudkevich, Glinka and others.

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If your child does not sleep well at night, perhaps he should just sing a lullaby, as this melody has a relaxing effect. And a completely different effect has the majority of rock, pop songs. Therefore, if you want to cheer yourself up, listen to Mendelssohn’s unforgettable waltz or take a walk in the forest – and you will be provided with a charge of cheerfulness for a few days!

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