Strawberries: everything that we knew about it and could only guess

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What do we need from useless statistics, which there is a whole mass in the world? What to us from, for example, that 150 grams of fresh strawberries drive away negative emotions? And try to eat a handful of these berries – and really drive away! But that’s not all!


Until recently, cosmetologists strawberries just respected. In general, its glory was made by the whitening effect: towards the end of spring, when the skin, tired to resist, gives pigment spots, it is saved by strawberry juice, it is a real stain remover! The best are the strawberry masks (a dream of a naturopath: strawberry, lemon juice and a spoonful of honey), and it is still possible – extremely aristocratic – to rub your face after waking up with strawberry ice.


Then, new information began to come: our berry and wonderful antiseptic in it and salicylic acid, which has exfoliating action, which means strawberry peeling (nothing that you, as many small seeds) renews the skin. But the main thing turned out not so long ago, and for this the strawberries were simply extolled. The copper contained in it stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps the skin supple.

masks and creams

Strawberry season – it’s time to make sure the omnipotence of red berries. We should try it regularly, two or three times a week, without hesitating, to make simple masks from strawberry gruel. Or pamper a person with a strawberry cream (thoroughly stretch the berries and mix with ordinary cream and a spoon of honey), instead of buying expensive products from the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturers. And save the money spent on twenty buckets of fresh berries.

Strawberry Diet: minus 2.5 kilos in 4 days

This relationship will be true – if all do to be honest. At least the strawberry diet has long been called “Hollywood”, and the public was the fact that Victoria Beckham three days a month eating only strawberries. You can treat a girl differently, but what the mother of four children looks like is fine and the love of her husband, the main narcissus of Britain, has been holding for ten years, you can not deny.

A popular four-day diet can benefit anyone. It’s so simple – three times a day there are dishes on the table that are indicated by hundreds of links dishes: fruit salad or yogurt for breakfast, strawberry salad with asparagus for lunch, cod with strawberries for dinner and cheese with strawberries as a small permissible prank. But people with imagination will make up their own menu, and not only for four days, but, perhaps, for the whole month.

Клубника: все, что мы о ней знали и могли только догадываться

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good morning have strawberries with any dairy products – they blend perfectly. In the daytime – cook one of the many unsweetened dishes: strawberries come to seafood and poultry, can make up an ensemble with lettuce, parmesan, cucumber and green onions, and season it with olive oil with a drop of vinegar, lemon juice and pine nuts. Or mustard grits. For dinner, you can think of a chicken with strawberry-wine sauce, even berry paste (knead a steep dough with strawberry juice (1 glass) with flour, 2 eggs, a spoonful of vegetable oil, salt, pepper and honey, roll thinly and cut into wide strip, boil in milk). Or here’s another great combination: a strawberry with black pepper, especially fried (instantly) in butter. Who tried it – will not forget.

Eat 10 kilograms per season – are you weak?

It is believed that when this round number is displayed on your internal scales, you literally spread your wings and soar. And what else will you have? All systems are debugged, work without failures. Immune? Strengthened! Metabolism? It’s normalized! Cardiovascular? Protected more than ever. Strawberries are useful even for gums, and if the head hurts, and this grief will help, because it contains substances that are close to the composition of aspirin.

Another thing is that the strawberry can and priestsya, and, as noted by folk wisdom, will draw on black bread … Now this, of course, sounds strange – so we wait for her, first, fragrant. (The favorite strawberry of the French is the April gariguette, it is unsweetened, but its appearance suggests that summer is coming!) However, experienced people know: the first wave will pass, the strawberries in the cottage will become visibly invisible, and the desire to crawl through the beds will disappear. The mother of the family will quit exercising in the delights (cheesecake, sorbet, vareniki, syrniki, marmalade, jelly, kvass) and cook simple, as the grandmothers taught, jam, not observing even simple rules: the berries can not be washed, but wiped and cooked no more than one and a half kgs at a time. Strawberry time is like a short love story, which starts with a quick heartbeat, and turns into a wife in a dressing gown and curlers. What really here fishnet stockings and champagne with strawberries. And meanwhile …

The most erotic berry!

Sales increased 17% after the announcement of sexologists. It all started not with sexologists, but with “nutrition optiologists”. The British Institute of this very focus analyzed all the popular fruits and made a verdict: strawberries are not considered to be the most erotic berry. Zinc, contained in its seeds, contributes to an increase in sexual attraction in both men and women. The appearance of strawberries in certain recipes and situations simply can not be understood in two ways. Is it not eloquent, for example, strawberry fondue or mousse in champagne? Yes, even banal strawberries with cream or chocolate … On one of the special sites it was very accurately stated: “Strawberry in the erotic code always means an invitation to love.”

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