Stay slim always

Оставайся стройной всегда

One of the secrets of beauty, health and eternal youth is proper nutrition, which on the one hand must fully satisfy the needs of the body, on the other – maintain a constant body weight.

Sharp shifts in weight categories are very harmful, especially for middle-aged and older people. Although you are 17 for the tenth year, do not risk your own well-being: a decrease in the tone and elasticity of muscles and skin with rapid loss of fatty tissue leads to the formation of deep wrinkles on the skin of the skin and the lowering of internal organs. But excessive “immensity” reduces not only the overall aesthetic impression, but also leads to many functional violations.

The fastest way for women to get stuck in the stomach, which in turn leads to increased pressure on all organs located in the lower abdomen. Weight gain affects your movements, leads to additional stress on the heart, lungs, legs …

Normal specialists call the weight obtained from the difference between your height and the number 100. For example, your height is 170 centimeters. We subtract 100 from this number and get 70. It is this weight – 70 kg. – and will be considered normal for a middle-aged woman. Deviations in one direction or another are acceptable within a couple of kilograms. For a young person from the received 70 kg. it is necessary to take away 10% of the body weight, that is, 7 kilograms, we get the optimal weight of 63 kg (step to the right, step to the left is punished by refusal of buns and transfer to vegetable food).

After 35 years, nutritionists recommend gradually reducing their weight. This is necessary because muscular tissues in middle and older age do not already experience the same load as in young age, and excessive weight is mainly formed due to fat accumulation. How to keep track of your weight so that it does not shake from side to side? First of all, if you complain about your appetite, exclude from the diet or minimize consumption of high-calorie foods such as sour cream, cream, mayonnaise, smoked meat, fatty meat (especially pork, lard), duck and goose meat, sausages, canned fish in oil, as well as nuts, chocolate, sugar, sweets, cookies, rice and potato side dishes. Diversify your menu with low-fat milk, kefir and cottage cheese, lean beef, chicken and rabbit meat, fish are very useful. More often and more, especially in spring and summer, use fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, from fat – butter (100 grams per day), unsweetened drinks and compotes.

Alcoholic drinks are very important for the accumulation of fats: wine, beer, – their use should be limited even on holidays, but in ordinary cases it is excluded. Beauty requires sacrifice, and it is always possible to clink glasses with mineral water, which is extremely useful.

For those who want to be slim in winter and in summer, I advise you to follow these rules:

1. Systematically, at least once a month, weigh yourself. You must clearly control all the changes that are happening to your body.

2. Have enough patience and will. Even Moscow was not immediately built, but the figure was forged for years. 3. Start every morning with gymnastics. Laziness must be eradicated, kill her with physical education.

4. Eat regularly at the same time. Do not snack on the go, do not drive tea or coffee with sweets for several once a day. Especially remember that eating out of the house contributes to rapid weight gain. Especially any hot dogs and sausages in the test.

5. Do not eat immediately and a lot, as if a hungry existence awaits you ahead of you. Eat more often (up to 5 times a day), but in small quantities. Give up the bad habit is on the move or while watching television programs. Do not take the example of stupid Americans popping popcorn in a movie theater. 6. Thoroughly chew food, eat more slowly: you will get much more pleasure, and you will eat less.

7. Before dinner and dinner, imagining yourself a brother-rabbit, eat a whole (not cut!) Cabbage leaf. Raw cabbage contains tartonic acid, which prevents fat deposition, and most importantly, while you are messing around with the leaf, it will take a short time for which the sugar from the eaten cabbage leaf will have time to signal about the saturation of the body and, consequently, then you will use less food. 8. Dinner no later than 7.00 pm. At night, be content with a bottle of yogurt, an apple. Sugar is not more than three or four pieces a day to eat out of the way, and with salt do not joke: nedosalivay food.

9. Once a week, arrange a fasting day, during which drink only juices, and one day a week fast. A couple of times a month visit the steam room or sauna, if there is time, you can often pour your bones. 11. Always climb the stairs on foot. More go! 12. Control your posture in front of the mirror.

13. Make sure that you have a smooth mood. Stress and depression lead to uncontrolled eating, which leads to unswappable zippers on skirts, torn buttons that increase in the amount of your dignity …

Try to follow these recommendations, and then feel free to show up on the beach in the most mischievous swimsuit, to wear clothes that only the soul wants, to rivet the looks of men, and women, too, you know how they will envy you!

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