Star diet Olga Sumskaya: buckwheat and separate food

Olga Sumskaya  –   is one of the most slender Ukrainian actresses. As Sumskaya manages to keep herself in fine form, and what diet she uses for this   –   read in our material.

Звездная диета Ольги Сумской: гречка и раздельное питание

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Olga Sumy –   actress, mother of two children and a woman who does not allow his figure to change for the worse. It seems that it’s not a secret for anyone, with what responsibility and perseverance, Olga watches herself. It should be noted that Sumskaya never allowed herself to gain extra pounds, since her whole adult life adheres to theprinciples of proper nutrition, and does not allow herself to overeat. Her stellar diet helps to lose 3-5 kilograms, when you need to look not just good, but perfect.  


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The main product of the diet of Olga Sumska –   is buckwheat. So, according to the actress, this product is truly unique, as it not only contributes to weight loss, but also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair, and also removes all the toxinsfrom the body of the. The essence of the diet is simple: a glass of buckwheat must be cooked without salt and other spices. Of course, you can not add oil. Next, you need to divide the porridge into three meals. Actually, this will be breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to buckwheat, you can drink water and green tea. The total amount of liquid should be at least 1.5 liters per day.  

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diet duration –   up to 5 days. However, Olga herself often stops the diet after 2-3 days, as she sheds the necessary amount of kilograms.  

daily meals Olga Sumy

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Naturally, for the beauty of the body, it is necessary to give the matter of food constantly. In other words, it is impossible to sparkle with beautiful forms for many years, and at the same time to eat everything in succession, and in periods to lose weight. And Olga is no exception. She always tried not to eat much, and choose dietary products for her diet.  


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Now Olga enjoys a separate power supply, as well as adhere to the rules, that carbohydrate food should be eaten mainly in the morning, protein – in the evening. Also, the actress does not mix different kinds of proteins, proteins and carbohydrates. For example, an actress eats meat or fish with a salad, sweet (and sometimes Olga can not without a chocolate bar) eats up to two days, she prefers to eat with vegetables. Such a simple approach to nutrition, as seen by Sumskaya herself, gives excellent results.  

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