Salad garnet bracelet

300 g of boiled chicken fillet, 150 g of onion, 300 g of potatoes, 300 g of beet, 50 g of walnuts, 1 large pomegranate, salt, mayonnaise.

Chicken the fins finely chopped.
Finely chop onion.
Fry the onion with a small amount of vegetable oil until golden brown.
Add the fillet, salt, a little fry, then cool.
Beet boiled, grate on a fine grater.
Nuts finely chopped.
Mix nuts and beets, sprinkle a little.
Boil the potatoes and grate them with a small grater.
Put a glass in the center of a large flat dish.
Around him put the potatoes, grease with mayonnaise.
Put the fillet with onion and grease it with mayonnaise.
On the fillet lay the beets with nuts, grease with mayonnaise.
Put the seeds of the pomegranate on beets and gently remove the glass.

Салат гранатовый браслет

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