Sadness of every tenth: why women hurt during sex

We all know that sex should be fun. Only here many women experience discomfort during thehaving sex with. Naturally, horrible things flit in their heads, which is not so terrible to discuss with their partner, not everyone turns to the gynecologist, trying to reach the cause on their own, studying forums, women’s magazines and public places in social networks, which aggravate the situation. Only this is not a joke.

Печаль каждой десятой: почему женщинам больно во время секса

The stats are stubborn and tells us thatpain during sexPERIODICALLY occurs in every second woman. More precisely, in the UK, a study was conducted in which 7,000 women participated. So, every tenth experienced REGULAR pain when having sex. found out why there are painful sensations during sex and yet strongly recommends that when the problem is addressed to a doctor.

physiological or psychological problems

боль во время секса

Each person has their own particular body structure. So, if the girl’s internal sex organs are located close to the pelvis, pain can not be avoided. And here it is absolutely not important – the first you have an affinity or 101. The pain can be aching and disappear after a few weeks of regular sex or acute, accompanying the woman for quite a long time. What can be done? Change the position and do not be silent!

too narrow vaginatoo can cause painful intercourse. Experienced woman does not matter, but breaks in sex are not recommended. To cope with this problem will help a long foreplay, the partner’s attention, the maximum relaxation of a woman. It is important that the partner acted accurately, without sudden movements.

боль во время секса причины

Insufficient excitation of the womancan lead to unpleasant sensations during sex. Rather, when a woman does not want to have sex, but she has to do it not to offend a partner, she does not have enough lubricant, provoking strong rubbing of the penison the walls of the vagina. In this case, the woman will either have to refuse the man if she does not want intimacy, either, use a lubricant, or completely surrender to the partner, trying to relax as much as possible.

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But not only the lack of excitation leads to a lack of lubrication, among other reasons: hormonal drugs (including contraceptives ),Breastfeeding, menopause, psychological problems (disgust for a partner, failures insexual life, fear of becoming pregnant).  

Distrust or shyness.A woman who can not completely relax in the hands of a partner, tries to cover her naked body, thinks about something extraneous, does not enjoy sex and often experiences discomfort during intimacy. The point here is in the tension of the pelvic muscles, and because of the lack of lubrication, and in the mental barrier that she sets herself, so God forbid not to have fun. They say that most of our problems are in the head.


гинекологические заболевания

Very often, the pain during intercourse in women occurs due todiseases of the genital organs.

Fungal infection.It can cause burning, itching, discomfort, increased sensitivity to touch and severe pain. All this is due to a change in pH in the vagina. Fungal infections cause pain during sex for every second woman. At what strange allocation and an unpleasant smell can be shown not always. It is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor to prescribe a course of treatment. F6.Represents a benign tumor of the uterus. During sexual intercourse, a woman feels pain, the penis encounters a hard compaction during entry into the vagina, and after sex the woman’s back aches.Painful menstruationalso speaks of fibroids. But do not be scared ahead of time, an accurate diagnosis can only be made by a doctor, but not by us.

болезненный секс

Vulvovaginitis.A terrible disease, which is a simultaneous inflammation of the vulva and vagina. Vulvovaginitis delivers discomfort even at the time of excitement, because at the time of the release of lubrication, tender genital tissue begins to burn. Pain during inflammation is felt not only during sex, but also when trying to insert a tampon, and also when sitting for a long time on something hard. Provoke vulvovaginitis can fungal diseases, various inflammations and taking antibiotics. Only the doctor can treat the disease.

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Endometriosis.When a woman experiences severe pain during the menstrual periodand before them, before and after intercourse, she often has a pelvic pain, all this indicates a serious illness that, without competent and timely treatment, can lead to serious consequences, to the flesh up to infertility. Endometriosis is a pathological benign growth of the cells of the uterine mucosa to other organs or tissues. On a visit to a doctor is better not to delay.

Ovarian cysts.If a woman experiences sharp pain in one of her sides during sex (especially if the man enters too deeply), this indicates an ovarian cyst (but again, we do not state). It is not necessary to get scared prematurely, it’s important to get yourself together and consult a specialist to confirm or deny the diagnosis.  

This is far from all gynecological diseases that can cause painful intercourse.


девушка в нижнем белье

Known MD and obstetrician from New York Alyssa Dyuek identified several reasons for painful sex for women.

Taking antihistamines.Allergy medications can cause dryness in the most unexpected places, including the vagina. And then it does not matter whether you are nervous or not. Here you can change antihistamines to less radical in their actions, in order to establish a release of lubricant. Well, or regularly use lubricants.

Irritating to the intimate area after shaving.ingrown hairs, irritations, rash, discomfort aftershaving the intimate areais common. Even at the usual time, unsuccessful depilation can cause discomfort, and even during sexual intercourse, even more so. Solve the problem by epilating or treating a delicate skin with a cream that contains antibiotics or panthenol.

беременность фото

Tight dinner. Yes, yes, you did not read it. All exactly so! Bloating, as a result of a dense dinner (lunch or breakfast, is not so important) is a common, albeit unobtrusive, reason for unpleasant feelings during sex. So, do not eat too much before this business.

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Pregnancy.Women need sex during pregnancy, most gynecologists scream about it, and hormones sham her so that sexual arousal only increases. Only now, the longer the term, the heavier the uterus, which can compress the blood vessel, causing pain. Solve the problem will help change the posture (on the back, for example, engage insex during pregnancyjust not recommended) – “rider” often solves the problem.

Use of spermicides.These are chemical contraceptives, often causing allergy of the delicate skin of the vagina, because of which a woman can feel pain during sex.  

Cycling.Exercise bike is a good thing in pursuit of a beautiful body and losing weight, only now it can provoke bruising on the vulva, causing discomfort in the vagina in general, and not just during sexual intercourse. The problem can be solved with the help of a special saddle for an exercise bike, soft but tight shorts and adjusting the saddle with the steering wheel.

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