On the web there were photos of Elvis Presley’s apartment

The interior of the home of the legendary King of Rock’n’Roll showedthe creative director of the house Saint Laurent Edi Slimane (Hedi Slimane).

В Сети появились фото квартиры Элвиса Пресли

read asMick Jagger showed Paris apartment

Slimane known representatives of the world of fashion-industry, not only as a talented designer, but as a master of photography. Eddie decided to show his mastery of the art this time in an unexpected way.

The designer decided to capture the apartment of the legendary Elvis Presley. For this, Sliman went to Memphis, where the dwelling is located. It should be noted that Eddie tried to glory – in the lens of the designer comes across not only the panoramic spirit of the home, but also small details of the interior. For example, in the photo we can see dishes, souvenirs and other decor elements. All the pictures are in retro style.

It should be noted that Sliman is famous for photo recognition to musicians. Thus, the lens designer posedMarilyn Mansonand Justin Timberlake, Courtney Love,group Daft Punk. Recentlythe new face of the Saint Laurent Music Project became the 67-year-oldBritish rocker Marianne Faithfull.

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