Master class: hairstyle in the style of Megan Fox. Video

Megan Foxis a recognized beauty of Hollywood and one of the sexiest Western actresses. Why not try it on yourself? Let’s start with Megan’s signature hairstyle, which can be applied not only to professional stylists, but also to girls without special skills in this business.

Мастер-класс: прическа в стиле Меган Фокс. Видео

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The hairstyle is made on long straight hair. The girl who gives the master class does not have such wealth, therefore for the video lesson it used artificial strands.

The first strokes are made on clean hair, laid with a hairdryer or straightened with iron.

Make a deep parting on the left side of the head, separate the comb bangs and divide into three parts. Each strand of a bang wind on a curling iron, preliminary having put a varnish for hair. Notice how the girl operates with a curling iron, lightly pressing and releasing forceps. The model also advises not to overdo it with this technique, as this can lead to breakage of the curling iron. Each curl is fixed with a hair clip to prevent confusion with the rest of the hair.

Then wrap the long strands: Hold the tongs in a vertical position on the face, tighten each finished ringlet curls and attach a clasp

wind hair, frees locks, comb and gently smooth the hair at the roots to remove the volume. For better fixing, use a hair styling paste based on water. Arrange the bangs with a light wave, let the curls drop carelessly on the shoulders.

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