How to strengthen brittle and dry nails

Beautiful and strong nails require good care and that much is important for proper and balanced nutrition. What to do if the nails began to break and separate?

If your nails are very brittle and dry you need to eat healthy foods with vitamins A and E.

Vitami A is found in fish oil, chicken liver,   apricots and carrots. One should also know that an overabundance of this vitamin in the body can go to the detriment, so it is better to consult a specialist about the doses.

Vitamin E is found in seeds and nuts, in egg yolk, beans and green salad, in fermented milk products, meat, broccoli cheese and other varieties of cabbage, a lot of calcium. In all seafood and pineapple, champignons, and magnesium is in seeds, bananas and legumes.  

There is still vitamin E in the capsules, it’s   can be bought at the pharmacy. It is necessary to open the censule, anoint and rub all the nails, after a week the effect is already visible, and in a month the nails will be like steel.

If the nails are loose and have pinholes with white spots, this means that your body lacks vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin C lives in gooseberries, citrus and potatoes, sea-buckthorn, raspberries,   tomato, grapes.   And in nuts, seafood, beans and greens contains   valuable zinc.

Medical mask to strengthen nails

1.Take a few tablespoons of olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice and the same amount of iodine and mix all. Lower the marigold into the mixture and hold for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with water without soap.

  2.Cut from the lemon 2 slices, 1 cm thick. Insert all the nails at the same time, one at the right hand and the other at the left.

3.Berries such as cranberries, currants, cranberries are very useful for strengthening nails. It is necessary to lubricate the juice of the berries with nails and the skin around the nails.

4.Vegetable oil with lemon juice to strengthen the nails: apply a mixture of vegetable oil on the nails with the addition of a drop of lemon essential oil or squeezed lemon juice. Apply every day for 10 days.

5.Red pepper and cream to strengthen the layered and brittle nails. Put   on the nails mask of 1 tsp. red pepper and 1 tsp. any cream for 5 minutes, you can and more. It is very effective with puff and brittle nails.

6.Natural wax for the treatment of weak nails.   Lower   fingertips into the melted wax on the steam bath clean wax and immediately into cold water. After that, put on a pair of gloves and go to bed. Hold on all night. Do the procedure twice a week. Only six procedures. Nails are well strengthened. One course is enough to get rid of the brittle nails for life.

If your nails get sick,   do not be lazy to treat them!

Как укрепить ломкие и сухие ногти

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