How to restore the water balance of the skin

We all know that the most necessary procedure for the skin is moisturizing. But what if, even with regular use of moisturizers, the skin still dries up, besides, it looks & damp; dull and lifeless? The only answer is to restore the water balance. And we’ll tell you how!

Как восстановить водный баланс кожи

Changing  waterskin balance is a state of loss of moisture by the epidermis as a result of disturbance of the water exchange processes in the skin. The elasticity of the skin, its healthy color and freshness depend to a large extent on how much water penetrates and remains in the layers of the epidermis. If the water balance is disturbed, the skin begins to peel off, becomes sluggish, acquires an unhealthy shade, this leads to wrinkles and premature aging. Over time, dehydrated skin begins to react with irritation and redness for any reason, especially under the influence of the sun and wind.  

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reasons may be skin dehydration:
– subcooling and dry air in the rooms;
– insufficient fluid intake;
– improper food, alcoholic and carbonated drinks;
– Smoking;
– vitamin deficiency;
– application of poor-quality, or unsuitable by type of skin, waste and decorative cosmetics;
– use of aggressive cleansers, scrubs and peelings, excessive drying of the problem skin.

The good news is that it is possible to restore the water balance quickly and to bring the skin into good condition. The most important rule for dehydration is to consume at least 2 liters of pure still water a day; tea, coffee, juices and lemonades are not included in this volume.

rehydration we recommend:
– to include in the daily diet foods that contain fatty acids (ocean fish, seafood, nuts, avocados);
– use special care products that are aimed at stimulating the processes of skin hydration (emulsions, serums and ampoules);
– to try salon procedures for skin moisturizing (ionophoresis and mesotherapy);
– to try to lead a healthy lifestyle (quit smoking, drink alcohol and drink sparingly);
– Buy a humidifier and use it regularly at home and at work.

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Especially useful for dehydrated skin is cosmetics, which besides moisturizing components also contain various natural oils: jojoba, avocado, wheat seeds, peanut butter, sweet almond oil. The more such oils in cosmetics, the more significant restoring effect it gives.

If you notice the first signs of skin dehydration, do not delay with her treatment. Only complex measures on hydration can save the situation, and restore the skin to beauty and youth.

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