How to look 10 years younger?

Women, whose lifestyle can not be called healthy, look 10 years older than real age.

Как выглядеть на 10 лет моложе?

Smoking, lack of moisturizing and vitamins, damage from the solarium significantly accelerate the aging of the skin. Scientists conducted a study involving 585 women from Britain, Spain and China, that is, from different ethnic groups. It turned out that the result does not depend on the nationality and type of skin: ladies with bad habits look 10.4 years older.

Study author Dr. Andrew Mays is surprised by the results. Scientists knew that the external age is determined by heredity by 50%, but only now have come to the conclusion that 33% of the appearance is determined by the way of life. Hence, the relationship between quality of life and young appearance is much stronger than previously thought. For those who want to look good, the doctor advises not to rely on cosmetics and start creating useful habits.

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