How to engage in a newcomer in the gym: an exclusive program from the coach

Often hiking in thegymbecomes a real stress for the beginner. Of course, ideally you need to start with a coach. But what to do when there is no such possibility? offers you a program for a beginner from fitness director of the BodyArtfitnes club Valeria Ivashchenko.  

Как заниматься новичку в тренажерном зале: эксклюзивная программа от тренера

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startworkout in the gym is always necessary with a little warm-up. To do this, cardiovascular equipment will best serve: a treadmill, an orbitrack, an exercise bike or a stepper. In principle, you can change the type of the simulator from training to training. Optimal cardio time is   10 minutes.  

тренажерный зал

BREEDING FOOT in the simulator

разведение ног

Sitting on the simulator, legs apart to the sides. Pause, go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Starting position:  
– sit on the seat of the machine and press the outer surface of the hips against the cushions;
– the body weight falls on the ischium bones, the chest is straightened, the back is straightened;
– in some simulators, the locking lever must be used to make the correct starting position.

Recommendations for performing leg rearing in the simulator:  
– make slow movements, overcoming moderate resistance. Avoid using force of inertia;
– keeping the thighs straight, keep the neutral position of the spine;
– movements must be made in the hip, not in the knee or ankle joint.  

Main muscle involved:  
– abdominal muscles, erector spinae muscles, square loin muscle

number of approaches:3 sets of 30 times with a rest of up to 1.5 minutes. Weight is set individually and in each approach remains unchanged.

horizontal thrust in Block training

Effects on muscles:
Shoulders back delta
Back: The back is a large circular
: rhomboid
Back: latissimus dorsi


4DA1A46EC20CF93EE5C846A51E 04F0ED This exercise stimulates the back muscles. Every time your torso is in an upright position, and you pull something to your stomach – you can say you are doing a horizontal pull. Especially often such movement occurs in such sports as wrestling and kayaking.  

Technique for the exercise

Attach a two-hand handle or two D-shaped handles to the cable. Sit facing the bottom block, rest your feet on the platform, your legs are slightly bent. Leaning forward, take the handles so that the palms look at each other and begin to bend back until the torso is in the upright position. Straighten the chest, and slightly bend in the lower back. Hands should be straightened completely, the chest is raised above the stops, and the cable is tight. This position will be initial.  

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Taking a breath and hold it, drag the handle to the stomach. The elbows move along the sides and strictly back. Try to keep your elbows and shoulders behind as you can. As soon as you can as much as possible take them back, strain your muscles even more and keep this position for a couple of seconds. After exhaling, smoothly return to the starting position.  

The back is straight, and a small deflection should be maintained in the lower back. During the traction, the trunk must remain stationary. Deviations of the torso from the vertical position are permissible, but should be minimal. Pull the cable only with the muscles of the back, without connecting the waist to the action (without bending back to help yourself with the whole body).  


load, in this exercise, focused mainly on the lower part of the widest muscles. But as you approach the point of exercise in which the elbows pass the level of the back and the shoulders are retracted, the load will move to the upper part of the broadest, the middle part of the trapezoid and the rhomboid muscles. The further you move your elbows behind your back – the more these muscles will contract. In order for the back muscles to contract as much as possible, make sure that the torso does not deviate from the vertical position by more than 10 degrees.  

The spine should retain its natural bend. Rocking your torso (rounding and arching your back) to ease traction, you run the risk of earning an injury due to the fact that the vertebral discs are strongly squeezed. Holding your breath during traction will help you keep your lower back restless. The legs should be fixed in the knees until the end of the exercise. During the exercise, they should remain immobile, do not bend or straighten.  

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biceps purpose of this exercise – to stabilize the elbow joint, do not pull their load  .

To increase the load on the middle and upper back (the top of the broadest muscles, the middle trapezoids and the rear deltas), use a straight bar. To fight for him follows the upper grip (palms look down), slightly wider than the shoulders. To redistribute the load from the rear deltas to the muscles of the back, perform traction with a straight neck that has D-shaped handles at the ends, the distance between which will be slightly narrower than or equal to the shoulders (palms will look at each other).  

Number of approaches:3 sets of 15 times with rest up to 1.5 minutes. The weight is set individually and remains unchanged in each approach.  


тренировка в тренажерном зале

Effects on muscles:
buttocks: the gluteus maximus. Hips
quadriceps: broad medial
Hips quadriceps: broad lateral quadriceps
Hips: rectus femoris


Squat in this simulator are less traumatic than with the rod and allow for a more elaborate locally quadriceps , especially their lower part. This exercise is typical for those sports in which you need kick, squat and jump.  

Technique exercises

Stand in Smith simulator so that the upper part of the trapezoid rested against the neck, grasp the top of his grip, freeing locks, straightened. Spread the legs to the width of the shoulders and push them forward (the toes of the thumbs should get out of the line of the hips by 20 to 25 centimeters). The back should be perpendicular to the floor, and slightly bent in the lower back (shoulders are exactly above the hips).  

After taking a deep breath and holding your breath, start crouching, the pelvis should be retracted, as if you sit on a chair. To go down it is necessary while the hips will not become parallel to the floor. At the bottom point you do not need to climb, the spring of the leg, you need to strain your hips, without a jerk, very smoothly change the direction of movement and climb up. Exhale it will be possible when the most difficult part will be passed.  

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All the exercise gaze should be directed straight forward, you must maintain the S-shaped curvature of the spine and not to take the floor heel & nbsp.;


If you want a good stretch the glutes and the back of the thigh muscle, do sit-ups a little lower position, in which the angle of the knee is 90 degrees. But do not forget to follow the sensations in the knee joints, since deep squats, during which the hips fall below the parallel with the floor, I can damage them. The feet must be in front of the hips. Do not put them evenly under the shoulders and pelvis, otherwise you can not keep your balance. Tip: The higher your height, the more you push your feet forward.  

Muscles of the lumbar region and abdomen should be strained throughout the entire approach, this will ensure a slight deflection in the lower back, especially at the lowest point, because At the moment when the muscles of the back of the thigh pull the lower part of the pelvis forward, the back tries to round off, and the load on the intervertebral discs dangerously increases. To avoid rounding the back, do not squat deeply if you have weak spinal extensor muscles or tight muscles in the back of the thigh.

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Do not forget that the eyes should be directed straight forward, eyes raised upwards, provokes excessive bending of the back and loss of balance, and lowering his eyes down –   You provoke a rounded back, which can lead to injury.  

Remember that proper breathing is the key to success. Straighten up, take a deep breath and hold your breath again, squat and get up, breathing out only when the most difficult part of the climb is overcome. Proper breathing will help keep the spine in the right position and develop a more powerful muscular effort.

Number of approaches:  3 approaches for 15 times, weight from 5 to 20 kg, rest between approaches – 1.5 minutes.

pullups (NARROW GRIP)



• Keep body evenly and keep the back straight.
• Bend your legs.
• Do not help yourself swing the case
• Hold the crossbar with a narrow grip (less than the width of the shoulders).
• Brush your palms to yourself.
• Lifting is carried out by hand.
• Tighten so that the chin is above the crossbar; Do not hit your head against the ceiling.
• At the highest point of the climb, the broadest muscles come together.
• Drop down and straighten your arms almost completely.  

pullups (narrow reverse grip)

Involved muscles:
• Trapezoid
• lat
• Large round
• Diamond-shaped
• Rear deltoid
• infraspinatus
• biceps (biceps)


important to avoid swinging when performing this type of pull-ups, you need to hog back at 30 degrees, exposing a breast – otherwise a significant part of the load will be on the biceps, which will reduce the effectiveness of this exercise.

Number of approaches:3 sets of 15 times with rest up to 1.5 minutes. Weight is set individually and in each approach remains unchanged.

twisting in Roman CHAIR

Description exercise

This exercise is an exercise for a press. Your task is not to raise your back completely (this only makes the task easier), but to curl without climbing to the top.


1. The simulator must be adjusted so that the seat will not depended in the buttocks, and upper thigh. That is, the buttocks should hang. It’s much more complicated, but the press works as much as possible.  

2. It is not necessary to climb to the end. That is, shoulders should not reach the plane of support. The corps must be at all times for support. A sign that you are rising too much is the tear of the calf from the rollers.  

3. Your task is not to raise the hull high, but to twist it as much as possible. If you go up with a straight back, then the iliac-lumbar muscle will work.  

4. It is necessary to go down just below the horizontal. But not too low. After all, in this case, there is a strong deflection of the spine in the lumbar spine. Which is undesirable.  

5. If it’s hard for you to do this exercise, you can help yourself by holding on to the edges of the seat. And if it’s easy, you can take the disc on your chest, or by the head. The option with the disc on the chest is easier than with the disc behind the head.  

Number of repetitions:20-25 repetitions without weight. 3 approaches.

lunge in the simulator SMITH

выпады в тренажере смита

Technique for performing attacks back in the Smith simulator

1. Get up in the Smith simulator, sit down under the bar and rest against it with the upper trapezoids. For the bar grab from above from the shoulder. It is necessary to fully straighten up – tighten the stomach, slightly bend the spine, look forward, knees slightly bent. The feet should be parallel and exposed slightly in front, in relation to the hips.

2. Do inhale, then hold your breath and walk one leg back. On the other leg at the same time you need to sit down.

3. When lowering on the front leg, the pelvis should be retracted.  

4. The lower point of the exercise – bend the front leg at right angles to the knee, the shin of this leg should be perpendicular to the floor. The knee of the retracted foot should not touch the floor and it should be bent almost at an angle of 90 degrees. Straighten the trunk, strain the muscles of the waist and fix a small deflection in the lower back. You should feel that you only hold the bar with the effort of the muscles of the front leg. And you lean back on the backward leg only for balance.

5. When you reach the lower point of the exercise, the quadriceps of the front leg needs to be strained. Torso slightly forward and rise on the front leg. The retracted leg is also torn from the floor and pulled forward.  

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6. Once you get over the most difficult lifting station can exhale and legs back to the starting position.

7. When doing a set, you need to alternate legs. But you can also do the repetitions for one leg, and only then do the repetitions for the other leg.  

8. During the entire exercise, the torso should be held in an upright position. Keep your back slightly bent in the lower back.

Number of approaches:Three sets of 10-15 repetitions.

plié simulator SMITH

программа тренировки в тренажерном зале

main muscles involved:adductors (inner surface femoris)   Additional muscle:. Buttocks  .

The different widths of the feet setting on the Smith simulator provide a different effect on the hamstrings. This exercise, like everything on the Smith simulator, eliminates the undesirable strain on the spine. Such exercises are indispensable both at the initial stage of training, and when recovering from injuries.  

Step 1.Put your feet wider than your shoulders, and swing your socks out a little. Place the neck on your shoulders.  
Step 2.Tensioning the press and holding the back in the straight position, sit down so that the hips are parallel to the floor.  
Step 3.Return to the starting position.  

Number of approaches:3 to 20 times with a rest of 1.5 minutes.

pullups wide grip

тренировка в зале для новичка

 The muscles involved:The latissimus muscle of the back.

Description exercise

1. The grip must be of such a width that at the top of the forearm were parallel to each other. That is, they are directed strictly perpendicular to the floor. So the amplitude of the movement will be quite large, and the latissimus muscles will receive a good load.

2. The wider the grip, the more the back muscles receive a greater load, but the amplitude of movement is shortened. Therefore, the golden mean is important here.  

3. In pulling by the head, it’s important not to bob up. That is, the shoulder blades must be brought together, the head should not lean forward. And most people can not pull themselves up because of poor mobility in the shoulder joints. Therefore, if you are hunching, it’s better to pull yourself to your chest.  

4. It is necessary to go down down to the end. Pull yourself up too. If for a head, then to the middle of the nape. And if to the chest, then try to touch the crossbar with the upper chest.  

5. In general, pull-ups with a wide grip are the basic exercises for the widest muscles. Therefore, if you want a powerful back, then you have to pull up at least once a week.  

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6. You can also do combined pull-ups. One repetition behind the head, and the other to the chest. And so alternate all approaches.  

7. If you can not pull up well, ask someone to push you with your hands behind your legs or between your shoulder blades. So you will make more repetitions and quickly learn to pull yourself up many times.

Number of approaches:  3 approaches 15 times.

exercises List

1. Leg formation in the simulator
2. Horizontal thrust in the block simulator.
3.Seights in the Smith simulator
4. Hyperextension.
5.Pulling (narrow grip):
6. Torsion in the Roman chair.
7.Vydades in the Smith simulator.
8.Plie simulator Smith
9.Podtyagivaniya wide grip

Driving training

тренажерный зал

№1classical training methodology feet with the press. Exercises 1 + 3 + 7 + 8 + 6. Rest between sets is up to 2 minutes.

No. 2Training with the classical technique of back and press. Exercises: 2 + 4 + 5 + 9 + 6.

Attention! It is not recommended for beginners to combine the training of the legs and back into one. At the basic level – divide.

№3coaching circular endurance  . Thus it is necessary to reduce operating burdens of weight, and to increase the number of repetitions.

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