How to choose a pet by the zodiac sign?

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Choosing a pet is sometimes a planned and thoughtful decision, and sometimes spontaneous   emotional impulse.

Как выбрать питомца по знаку Зодиака?

But on what your choice is based, it is worth remembering that the animal, appearing in your house, becomes a reliable friend, and, possibly, a full member of the family. He will always meet after a hard day, cheer up, heal from depression, fill your heart with warmth, affection and kindness. But how, among the abundance of cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, rabbits and other exotic animals, understand who will become a true friend? I want to give you some tips based on your horoscope.


bright, active, energetic and assertive representatives of this sign is recommended to choose a pet, which is absolutely not inferior in quality to its owner. Aries is perfect for a dedicated and hardy German shepherd, charming dog, fearless and energetic Irish terrier, active and ardent   decorative rabbit, elegant Egyptian Mau.


the Good Taurus should give preference to the gentle and charming animal noble breed, which can be squeezed and is easy to teach good manners & nbsp.; Most of all, representatives of this sign will suit a luxurious British or charming lop-eared kitten, a touching spitz, a cute Yorkshire terrier, a fluffy and friendly decorative, elegant poodle.


For sociable and communicative Gemini good friend and companion will be an African gray parrot, which has an excellent memory and is able to learn not only individual words, but entire succinct phrases. Also brighten up the leisure intellectual Siamese cat, eloquent and fervent canary, active and restless terriers.  


care and mental Cancer representative should give preference to small animals in need of care and protection. These can be hamsters, puppies of decorative small breeds, small aquarium fish, tender compliant kitten of the ruggoll breed.  


noble and regal lions should choose animals to match itself, such as independent, bright and moving. Ideally fit graceful sphinxes, live and mobile Siamese cats, decorative clean rats, noble dogs with long-term pedigree and titled parents.

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Scrupulous, loving cleanliness and order Virgos are ideal for calm and friendly   animals. Representatives of this sign will be friends hardy and pretty fairy, good and easily yieldable poodle, unpretentious dachshund, faithful Russian blue cat.  


harmonious and refined Libra stands and choose a pet based on their aesthetic preferences. Representatives of Libra is recommended to look at the cute, fluffy and domestic Persian cat, a pretty lop-eared kitten, affectionate and sociable parrots-inseparable, charming and carefree toy-terrier, a small decorative animal.


mysterious, mystical, impressionable representatives of this sign should pay attention to exotic animals, history and origin of which are shrouded in some mystery. It is recommended to take a closer look at the mysterious chameleon, calm and mystical spiders, balanced turtles, strong and hardy Rottweiler, elegant Egyptian mau.  


generous, energetic and savvy Sagittarius should give preference to the active and friendly pet. Sagittarians are perfect for charming collie, active Italian segugio, obedient and intelligent German shepherd, kind and fluffy decorative rabbit, restless chinchilla, British blue cat.


disciplined, practical and ambitious Capricorns is recommended to pay attention to the animals, which are easy to train. Representatives of this sign perfectly get along with an intelligent and flexible sheepdog, a hardy and balanced Newfoundland, a mobile Himalayan kitten.


original, unconventional Aquarius pet should be well matched. Representatives of this sign need to pay attention to exotic animals. It can be an iguana or a decorative monkey. Also it is worthwhile to look at detached and peaceful hamsters, good-natured Dalmatians, kittens of Russian blue breed.  


mysterious and romantic Pisces should plunge into the water room and watch a pet from this environment. Representatives of this sign are perfect bright and colorful small fish, wise and leisurely turtle. Also, Pisces should pay attention to the cute decorative rabbit and small decorative breeds of dogs.

Remember that there are always pleasant exceptions from the rules, so if your heart tells you a different choice, be sure to listen. Friends choose soul!

Author:Irina Kirichenko, the astrologer

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