How thin Kelly Osbourne lost weight

Once the daughter of a great musicianOzzy Osbornetired of being a nice plump woman. And although the girl did not show it, but always complexed about excess weight, and caustic hints almost in every note only added unpleasant sensations.

Как худела Келли ОсборнAll this and more inspired Osborne to take a decisive step. will tell you how Kelly managed to lose weight by 23 kg!!

It’s hard to imagine a pop-punk singer in a gym with a useful smoothie in her hand instead of an alcoholic cocktail in some nightclub for VIPs. However, it is this lifestyle that Kelly now leads.

Brief remarks about the appearance and, in general, all kinds of stresses accompanying the musician’s wandering career, pushed the girl to take narcotic painkillers. By the very recognition ofOsborne, she took them three times a day.

When she realized her problem, Kelly successfully underwent rehabilitation in the clinic, but found not a better substitute for the drugs. All her problems the singer stuck, and very high-calorie food. And absorbed by tons of fast food did not contribute to a slim figure, like the models.

Desperate Osborne gladly accepted the invitation to the next season of the projectDancing with the Stars, hoping that constant exercise to help cope withoverweight. But even here Kelly was disappointed. She not only did not lose weight, but in general she barely had time to translate the spirit between exhausting trainings. The solution to the problem came from a partner who advised Osborne to get off carbohydrates and switch to protein foods that save energy much better. And the ice started …

But the happiness did not last long. During the project, Kelly lost ten pounds on unrealistic, but then the matter got stalled. And then the family council decided to send the singer to the personal trainer.

Kelly recalls that at first she was very ashamed of her appearance during training – sweaty, flushed, barely breathtaking, she was terribly embarrassed herself. But quickly overcame this ridiculous complex: “I bought a pretty sport suit, I started making lightmake-up.And no matter how funny it sounded, it really helped me. “

Now from the depressive addict of French fries, Kelly has turned into a blooming girl with a sports figure. Osborn went from a grim punk singer to a bright, provocative blonde, reminiscent of a pin-up girl. Add to this cute outfits and updated makeup, and get a completely new star!

Kelly’s diet consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner and three light snacks between them. And, as the singer herself admits, she does not accept any restrictions in food, so she chose only her favorite foods, provided that they are healthy. Among them,bran, skimmed milk, grilled chicken, salads with spinach, turkey or mozzarella and fruits with vegetables.

Kelly Osbourne spoke about his experience losing weight:

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