How much are the silicone sponges?

Before you make yourself a silicone lip, you need to think carefully and take into account all the pros and cons of the operation. At the same time, one must remember that beauty should not require sacrifices and it is impossible to save on it!

You can save on anything else, but not beauty and health. Clinic or beauty salon to choose on the principle – where cheaper – not. This is not always the case   – if expensive, then qualitatively. Only the surgeon’s experience, positive feedback about his work, and not advertising, can guarantee that after seeing the “new” silicone lips you will smile beautifully.

You can first experiment – to increase the lips with biocompatible gels, which after a while are removed from the body. After seeing the expected result, you can understand whether it is worth making silicone lips. If the trial version suits, then you can decide on the silicone.

Lip augmentation with silicone

Silicone is not always possible to   to achieve the effect of natural lips, and can also cause various side effects.

consequences of the introduction of silicone lips

Silicone after implantation in the mouth does not resolve that, on the one hand, creates the possibility of long-term preservation effect after lip augmentation, but on the other hand, the silicone can cause an inflammatory reaction, because it is a foreign body.

When increasing the lips, it is necessary to introduce a small amount of silicone, the amount of collagen fibers that form around it depends on the individual sensitivity of the organism and the quality of the preparation.

It should be noted that silicone lips are not always a standard of beautiful sensual lips, and the results of lip plasty can be shocking.

The most safe and effective way to increase the lips is biocompatible gels based on hyaluronic acid. Also no less popular method – lipofilling, which is an increase in the lips with the patient’s own fat tissues, which ensures the absence of allergic reactions.

Lip: prices

surgical plastic lip makes a noticeable rejuvenating aesthetic effect that lasts for a long time. However, in comparison with the methods of contour plasty, surgical lip augmentation is more complicated procedure, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to serious defects (hare lip, wounds at the corners of the lips, neoplasms in the lips area).

Approximate price.Increase the volume of lips with silicone – from 1,5 thousand UAH. for the injection. Usually, for a full-scale operation to increase, 4-5 injections are required.

In general, the prices for lip surgery are different, depending on the level of complexity of the surgery and the drugs used. It is possible to determine exactly what the plasticity of the lips is, only after consulting a specialist.

Even if everything is fine, no one guarantees that the silicone will be “to your face”. Well, think about everything before changing your sponges.

Сколько стоят силиконовые губки?

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