Diet with laughter and slim

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German specialists from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin note that laughter will help restore youth.

Диета со смехом стройнит и молодит

A group of scientists came to this conclusion by conducting an experiment with 150 men and women. They were shown more than a thousand photographs, where the faces of people of different ages were captured. Respondents were required to indicate the approximate age of the person in the photo, and it turned out that the smiling and laughing characters looked a few years younger!

Experts say that the fear of earning new wrinkles from laughing is meaningless. After all, as it is not paradoxical, but thanks to them, you seem younger, and no one will give you the number of years that appear in your passport.

But British scientists in turn advise using laughter to get rid of extra pounds. According to their calculations, having laughed 15-20 times during the day, your blood circulation and digestion improve, calories burned more actively and musculature strengthened.

Author:Liana Voynarovska


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