Diet based on ice cream: we lose weight with pleasure!

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You, of course, are surprised, but there is a diet based on ice cream. Developers of innovation, German nutritionists at EvoTech Center, assure that it helps to lose from 5 to 8 kilograms per month and cleanses the body.

Use only balanced food when using it,   while daily allowing yourself small pleasures to avoid disruption in the future. The menu of the same diet is varied and satisfying, so you do not have to starve. Eat every 3-3.5 hours in small portions. And in any case do not increase portions, follow the scheme.

This diet is suitable for energetic people is recommended for people who adhere to an active lifestyle, athletes, since it has a balanced amount of protein, fiber and vitamins. But if you suffer from high acidity of the stomach, flatulence, colitis and duodenal ulcer, the diet should be abandoned. In addition, a diet using ice cream is not recommended for people who have or have suffered mental illness associated with eating disorders.

For a diet, the most natural and low-fat ice cream varieties are suitable: creme brulee, sorbet or frozen yogurt. Try not to contain more than 10 g of fat per 100 g of product. Eat no more than 150 g of ice cream per day. If it is waffle, discard the horn or cup.


glass (ready for use) of oatmeal in water with one apple and ice cream or omelet of five proteins with mushrooms and whole wheat bread. Tea or coffee without milk and sugar.


ice cream cone and 3-4 crispbread.


the vegetable soup or broth vegetable stew, 150 grams of chicken breast or lean veal grill.


Plate berry, mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese or cream.


300 g of vegetable salad made of non-starchy vegetables without dressing, 200 g of steamed fish. You can have a small amount of soy sauce.

Диета на основе мороженого: худеем с удовольствием!

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