Cosmetics for lips. Take care of health, beauty and sexuality

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So it was believed that women use cosmetics exclusively for seducing men. Especially cosmetics for the lips, which are sexy by definition. But this is not a true statement. Of course, cosmetics are needed by women to attract the attention of the male. Thanks to this desire, art of make-up was born in its time. But, in addition, women use cosmetics also to look beautiful, to have a pleasant, health-giving appearance – regardless of who evaluates them – men, other women or they themselves in the mirror.

How is it necessary to use lip cosmetics to achieve all three cosmetic effects at once – health, beauty and sexuality?

At the end of the winter

begin with, that the determining factor in the expediency of lip care is the season of the year. It is now February, winter seems to be running out, but all the unfavorable winter factors are affected quite strongly. Take even the most serious of them: temperature drops, moisture level jumps, skin exhaustion during a long period of cold and slush – without the sun, without sufficient moisture, without vitamins. Plus a gusty, frosty wind. But the February frosts are not ruled out.

The skin of the lips responds to all these adverse effects instantaneously. After all, the skin on the lips is tender and delicate. And if you do not give her proper daily care, then, of course, there will be a lot of problems. This is the dryness of the lips, and unpleasant sensations of constriction, peeling, crackling of the skin on the lips, the dull color of the “labial” covers.

rich assortment of cosmetics

Currently, lip care, there are many cosmetic products, and each of them takes care of the mouth in a certain way.

Lipsticks are designed to a greater extent for decorative purposes – changing the color of the lips, their shape. Shine more emphasizes the naturalness, naturalness of the lips and gives them volume. Balsams, creams, masks, peeling are directed to medical and recreational purposes. Naturally, all three categories of funds to some extent provide and nutrition, and hydration, and mitigation, etc. But when choosing a particular remedy, one should first of all consider their main purpose.

According to polls that are regularly conducted by cosmetic companies, today women prefer 75% -80% of respondents to lip glosses. On the second place on the use are lipsticks. And much more rarely used other means for lip care. Cosmetologists do not get tired of reminding that a woman should have in her cosmetic set the whole range of lip care and use them regularly.

Colorful World lipsticks

lipstick, as you know, there are: moisturizing, nourishing (modern lipstick can be both moisturizing and nourishing), persistent (8 to 12 hours), sverhstoykie (24-hour action ), hygienic (curative).

If the use of moisturizing lipsticks is preferred in the spring period, nutritional lipsticks are more suitable for winter colds. Even if your lipstick according to the annotation to it gives both effects – moisturizing and nourishing, then at the end of winter it is better to take not a combination, but nutritional lipstick.

A thick foundation of nourishing lipsticks better protects the lips. When choosing a lipstick, give preference to natural fatty ingredients. First of all, this beeswax is the basis of the bases. Candelilla wax (from cacti) – so that the lipstick does not spread on the lips. Carnauba (from palm leaves) wax – to give firmness and color saturation. Additives are not so exotic natural oils: castor, corn, wheat, cocoa butter. Rose wax – for a pleasant smell, as well as an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agent. Another important natural fat is lanolin, which is responsible for softening, moisturizing and nourishing the skin with useful substances due to its high penetrating ability.

Pay attention to the composition of lipstick included such important additives as vitamins A and E, components that have a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect, hyaluronic acid, sunscreen filters.

If your work is related to a long stay on the street, then instead of any, the best coloring nutritional lipstick should use the usual hygiene.

As for the sturdy and especially the super-resistant lipstick, it is better to abandon them at the end of winter. Despite the visible long-lasting effect of “indelible”, these lipsticks have a big disadvantage in that they drain and discolor the lips.

Shiny lip glosses force

Today in fashion naturalness. That is why, probably, lip glosses have become more popular. In contrast to lipstick, they do not give an emphasis on color and smooth out the texture of the lips. The glitter gives the lips expressiveness and volume, gives a feeling of freshness and youth, while preserving the natural look of the lips.

Lip Gloss are:
• colorless predominantly protective function, protecting the lips from chapping and drying
• with mother of pearl, giving extra shimmer effect is more relevant for the holidays and
parties • tint, with which you can also adjust the color saturation.

In lip glosses, the content of vegetable dyes is insignificant and significantly the content of oils. Therefore, the shine, on the one hand – a good protection for winter weather, and at the same time, this ratio of components allows the glitter to look on the lips naturally, creating the appearance of an imperceptible transparent film. Do not like the lip gloss is possible only because it is prone to spreading and unlike lipstick does not mask small wrinkles on the lips. But with the task of emphasizing the sexuality of brilliance cope better lipstick. Due to the watery-glossy luster coating, the lips look gentle, damp and this is the most sexy. Still it is considered to be that shines give the lips a mysterious, enticing, attractive radiance.

Depending on what effect you want to achieve, lip gloss can be used as an independent cosmetic means, if you do not need to emphasize the lips, and you can apply gloss on lipstick, it will give lips and color and volume at the same time.

invigorating balm for lips …

lip balms are not as often as lipstick and gloss. Why? Because the medical and recreational procedures we have somehow historically taken up not at the stage of prevention, but already at the stage of salvation. Lip balms come night and daytime. Day time is designed to cover the surface of the lips as a basis for lipstick. In the formulas of daily balsams, sufficient vitamin E content, a high level of UV filters, they have special reflective particles – glitters, which powerfully protects the lips from the stressful effects of the environment throughout the day and allows you to maintain a moisture balance under the layer of lipstick. Night balsams provide intensive night care to the lips, namely: deep hydration and softening of the layers of the skin, restoration of the protective functions of the skin lost during the day.

Care System lip

Even if you take care of your lips every day during daylight hours and at night, it is impossible to completely avoid all the damaging factors. Inevitably, the negative effects of the environment will be manifested in one way or another on the lips: airing, cracking, dry lips, the appearance of fine wrinkles due to the mobility of our facial expressions.

You can eliminate these effects by using an integrated lip care system. The system for lip care includes the following cosmetics (similar, in general, skin care products): masks, peeling, special creams containing collagen supplements for tightening the skin of the lips, etc. Such procedures are recommended by cosmeticians once a week or as necessary.

How to decide the choice of the manufacturer?

And finally I will touch on such an important point as the choice of the manufacturer. Once I asked my cosmetician what to do when choosing a cosmetic firm. Her answer surprised me a little. The first argument was the reputation of firms, the duration of their existence in the cosmetics market, which is understandable. But the second argument … The beautician said that of the abundance of quality manufacturers, you must choose those whose products are simply appealing – by design, by perfumes and by all other intuitively pleasant characteristics. Without acceptance and psychological comfort in the use of cosmetics, a woman will not feel comfortable and will not be satisfied with the departure, no matter how wonderful cosmetic means she does not use.

Косметика для губ. Позаботьтесь о здоровье, красоте и сексуальности

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