Classification of virgins

This half-joking classification of someone may seem inappropriate on these pages, but it seems to me that after reading it, someone will probably be able to see their complexes and shortcomings, which are grotesquely shown in the article. And understanding the complexities is the first step towards getting rid of them. Princess.

Dreams of princes, white horses and beds in the petals of anything hypoallergenic. I am sure that any sex, and even more the very first, can only be by great love. Hovers among the clouds in a strong separation from reality. Brought up in fairy tales. As a rule, the first successfully powdered her pink brain, it is possible to break this delicate flower. After dissolving the “prince” in nothingness, remains in a terrible disappointment, and devotes the rest of his life to the search for the ideal – usually a clone of his beloved daddy.

Korolevishna. Excessively confident in its own value and uniqueness. Communication with other people is carried out by easy indulgence. Her childhood was held under the slogan “Our daughter is only worthy of the best.” His virginity protects him like a diamond, choosing the most precious frame for him. In search of a suitable candidate, he can reach the age of Balzac, after which he can keep himself purely out of habit. Generally can operate with innocence as a bait for a suitable candidate for husbands or sponsors. It’s cool to have sex, because often (because of its passivity) does not justify expectations.


Strict parents told her that sex outside marriage is dirty and scotish. That women who give themselves without a stamp in their passports are not needed by anyone. They say that men do not respect them and never marry them. Carefully keeps his virginity before the wedding. After marriage, the most risky to earn a whole bunch of neuroses on the basis of sexual incompatibility, for it gets a “cat in a poke”.


The beginning of her sexual upbringing was initiated by street conversations with peers. Articles from the magazine “Health” and the undisguised places of classical statues kindled children’s interest, and at 12 years old she was already enthusiastically studying books “Young Spouses” and “1001 Question about IT.” Parents, for reasons of excessive modesty, hypocrisy or just an oversight, did not take sexual enlightenment absolutely no participation. “Nymphomaniac” is convinced that sex is good, knows what erection differs from ejaculation, and dreams to join this process not only theoretically, but practically. Morally ready for defloration from the age of thirteen. Loses innocence at the first opportunity, especially without tormenting mentally. Often does this to spite excessively strict parents, as proof of his adulthood. To sex is enthusiastic, finding pleasure more even in the process itself, than specifically in orgasm. The main danger – to go on hands, and to become the constant client KVD.


Lives without virginity of a cult or tragedy. The most correct education – without categorical prohibitions, with confidential conversations. The events do not hurry, but if there was a defloration, it reacts calmly, without hysterics. Refers to sex as an absolutely natural process.

The sex-hating man.

Brought up in a collective of angry single women under the motto “they all only need from you.” About sex does not know almost nothing, but still afraid of it. At the thought of a possible defloration may fall into a stupor. He looks at all men as latent maniacs, masturbation and oral sex believe in perversity. You can buy a man either because of strong love, or because a married duty obliges. In both cases – just tolerate, because a woman should have a man, even though he is a dirty animal, so you have to be patient. As a rule, they do not live in marriage for a long time, or they exist in parallel with more relaxed mistresses. Against the last they protest only externally, internally they believe that all the same abominable animals necessarily change their marvelous wife, because nature is like that.


Firmly knows that men appreciate sex and sexy women. She dresses defiantly, behaves coquettishly. Itself does not experience cravings for sex, and the body reveals to attract as much of the male attention as possible, and once again make sure that it is the best. On the harassment of the half-naked boobs, the peasants react with outrage, almost sincerely wondering why they call her a whore. With the virginity of the part in the calculation. Since most often dreams of becoming a singer, actress and model, it is often deflorated by some director, producer or other persons involved in show business.


A mixture of two or more types. Occurs when several opposite installations collide. For example, my mother said that all men are goats, and sex is dirty and vicious, and beautiful semi-naked aunties, very happy in the company of athletes absolutely uncongent type, are watching from the TV. Or if the girl, “patched up” by the parents, is brought into a company where “nymphomaniacs” prevail, and virginity is regarded as a sign of botany, suckers or insomnia. If the internal conflict prevents living, the doubter can be advised to visit a psychoanalyst, or drink for courage, and with all the rules of hygiene and contraception to say goodbye to innocence, in order to remove the cause of internal strife. It seems to be a virgin. Knows how to do blowjob. She has anal sex. But she protects the hymen as an apple of the eye for her future husband. Now if you marry me, then I’ll let you go there. And if not – then who will not take me whole? So sorry, on you ass, I love you. They perfectly understand that in the modern world a man without sex near her will not last long, but they want to marry in a full-fledged veil.

Virgin surgical.

Having plenty of walks with good and different men, finally met her only one. But the trouble is, the beloved is old-fashioned and wants to see the bloody sheet after the wedding. What to do? Accumulate not too much money, and go to the hospital, where under local anesthesia, virginity will be mended. Total and delov something.

Классификация девственниц

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