Champagne improves memory and brain activity

Professor Jeremy Spencer of the University of Reading claims that daily consumption of champagne will help prevent the development of brain disorders and Alzheimer’s,   and also improves memory.

Шампанское улучшает память и мозговую активность

Spencer proved that in the black grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (from which champagne is made) have a connection that maintains memory in good condition: “Memory impairment, in fact, begins somewhere in the 40s. the positive effect of champagne, the better. “

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According to Spencer, the regular consumption of champagne increases the concentration of the proteins needed for normal functioning of memory, up to 200%. His experiments the scientist has already put on rats, which exceeded all possible indicators. It took him 6 weeks, and in his next stage, Spencer hopes to test the retirees, which will take him about three years.

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