Brand Stella McCartney will release the fragrance Stella Summer 2013

Brand Stella McCartney will soon introduce a new summer fragrance Stella Summer 2013. This fragrance will be appreciated and loved by all fans of the fashion house.

Бренд Stella McCartney выпустит аромат Stella Summer 2013

Perfumes by Stella McCartney have always delighted and won the unforgettable sound of the chords of roses, as the collection of fragrances from the fashion house includes bright and memorable, sensual and tender compositions with the dominant note of the rose. In addition to the intense Stella (2003 years of release) and Stella Rose Absolute, there are already a few light and very romantic summer editions. Every year   brand Stella McCartney makes a luxurious gift to all fans, delighting them with a novelty in a bright 100-ml bottle.

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Stella Summer 2013 – this new edition of last year’s release of Stella Summer Rose, feminine and fresh composition that combines notes of flowers and fruits. For the composition of Stella Summer 2013 perfumers chose bright, sparkling and cool chords of frozen lemon and a green apple. The heart of the fragrance completely consists of a rose in light combination with a pion, and the base includes a warm comfortable amber.

Stella Summer 2013 will be available in a 100 ml vial, the edges of which are painted in frenzied, juicy and bright summer colors – orange, light pink and bright pink.

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