Beauty secret secret Renata Litvinova: nutrition and good cosmetics

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Renata Litvinova  –   one of the most mysterious female actresses, which really gets better with age, like a good dry wine. What is the secret of the beauty of Renata Litvinova, and also what rules in the care of herself she adheres to –   read in our material.  

Бьюти-секрет секрет Ренаты Литвиновой: питание и хорошая косметика

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Renata Litvinova, despite his 49 years, it boasts an excellent figure and a very good condition of the skin. We must admit that Litvinova herself very carefully monitors her appearance. So it was always. She is sure that inner beauty is & nbsp; it’s beautiful and really important, but she can not be full without a beautiful external image. & Nbsp;

It’s worth mentioning that Litvinova is sure that as a woman ages, a woman should either lose weight or keep weight, as a lean physique immediately sheds years. Renata herself tries to think about what she eats, sometimes she eats onlysalads, and if necessary she even practices starvation. All these measures, of course, are positively displayed on the figure of the actress. & Nbsp; Renata sleeps 5-6 hours, and at the same time she manages to fully relax. Such an ability of your body actress writes off the lack of a food cult: the less you manage to eat, the less you need to sleep. In this, the actress is 100% sure. & Nbsp;

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It is worth noting that Renata does not save on cosmetics. So, if the remedy really works, the actress is ready to pay any money. According to Litvinova, it’s easier to invest in cosmetics than to visit a plastic surgeon regularly. Among Litvinova’s favorite products is Re Vive. By the way, the actress does not attend beauty salons or fitness clubs, preferring to take care of herself on her own. The only thing that is not included in the home care – & nbsp; visit the masseur. At the same time, Renata chooses oriental massage practices. & Nbsp;

рената литвинова& nbsp; In Litvinov’s makeup, he is not afraid to be unusual. So, despite the usual trend with an emphasis on the lips or eyes, the actress allows for a long time to make a double accent, highlighting both the eyes and the lips of. ^

Renata Litvinova is sure that the beauty depends on 90% of the style life, nutrition and thinking. So, she does not eat fried, does not drink heavy alcohol and watches to enjoy life daily. The actress tries to fill her whole life with positive emotions, because they are the ones that set the tone of appearance. If something in Litvinova’s life does not suit her, she simply removes it from her being. & Nbsp;

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