Beauty-Inspiration: interesting ideas for the shooter for the eyes that you can do right now

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Arrows on the eyes   – a great way to diversify your image, cheer up and realize your creative abilities. And the more interesting and unusual the shooter, the better. We have collected for you stylish and very attractive options for the arrow in front of the social network Pinterest.

Бьюти-вдохновение: интересные идеи стрелок для глаз, которые ты можешь сделать прямо сейчас

Drawing arrows in front of your eyesThe task is not the easiest, so it’s no wonder that modern beauty goddesses create a huge number of different ways to draw arrows smoothly and beautifully. For example, masterfully drawarrows on the eyes with a spoonand do not even blink.  

So, if the art ofcreating arrows in the eyes ofyou have mastered completely and completely, then you can switch to “nekst level” and create more complex and interesting options.Colored arrowsor arrows on eyes in several layers, with the addition in the form of bright eye shadows, sequins and other beauty tricks.

Of course, any shooter in the eyes requires skills and some restraint, but do not forget that Rome was not built at once. Therefore, we takeeyeliner, a fine brush for make-up, eyeshadow and, of course,mascaraand forward to “beauty-olymps”.  

If you have long wanted to try to performoriginal makeup with arrows in front of, but you have no idea what, then look at our selection of bright and interesting ideas with arrows on the eyes. Look and be inspired.

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