A win-win option: a red pedicure as an excellent pedicure for all occasions

Red pedicure   is a permanent classic that will never lose its relevance and do not get bored. Red pedicure will be for you a salvation, when there is no idea, no time to create something more global. But why reinvent girosculator when we have a bicycle?  

Беспроигрышный вариант: красный педикюр, как отличный вариант педикюра на все случаи жизни

Red pedicurelooks the most attractive and feminine, suitable for anyopen shoes, it will be appropriate both in everyday fashion and hot evening dress. However, even the most classicred pedicurecan be diluted with win-win and interesting options, add a few details to it and enjoy your fingernails for days.  

It all depends on your preferences, after all, the main thing is that with your pedicure you were comfortable   – you should never wear and do what is fashionable, but not for you. For example, do not domanicure with wires, if you really likenude nail polish.So with the red pedicure.  

Classic red

When it comes tored manicureor pedicure, then you can not suffer from various options and stop your choice on the classics. A beautiful pedicure, the correct shape of the nails and a neat rednail polishin the pedicure   – and you are the real Monica Bellucci in the movie “Malena.”  

Rhinestones or nail art

Excellent in the red pedicure look rhinestones. Only in the case when the rhinestones are laid out neatly, it is appropriate and without excesses. A bit of a rhinestone or, for example, a neatfigure on the nailswill look very attractive. Especially, in the summer, when you want something bright and interesting.  

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