A shame! And this celebrity hairstyle …

This should not happen, but it does. Celebrities, from whom you expect to stay at the top of the latest style novelties, get stuck in the familiar images. To your attention the hairstyles of celebrities, who, in our opinion, need a transformation.

But do not be afraid, stupid celebrities, we are here to help you. We virtually transformed those of you who, in our opinion, desperately need it. Imagine that we are ambassadors of goodwill-beauty who came to offer you help. Look, we did most of the work for you. We picked up a hairstyle that you should try, and provided a pretty convincing execution of how it will look at you (Thanks, you, about photoshop!). Happy New Year, and health!

And now (drum roll, please), here are some of the hairstyles for celebrities, we would like to offer, together with our virtual transformations of each of them:

Demi Moore

Current situation hairdo:of for that crazy treatment of the placenta sheep or because of the love of a man younger than her, rejuvenating the secrets of Dem Moore actually work and provide her gorgeous appearance. The only problem … This hairstyle. Although it’s certainly brilliant and looks super-soft to the touch, it’s just too long and too straightforward and does nothing to accentuate the dignity of her beautiful face.

Позор! И это прически знаменитостей...

Correction:remember super-short hairstyle, which she sported in the “cast” before short hairstyles in vogue? Although we would gladly see this hairstyle again, she does not need to be cut so short. But circumcision, at least of some length and the addition of several levels, will give a little much-needed movement that will make her whole appearance look more carefree, and her very young. Plus, an easier and less strict color will also visually remove age.

New image:(virtual) Demi transformation in the spirit of Alessandra Ambrosio.

Lindsay Lohan

current situation with hair: as in her life, Lindsay hairstyle had its ups and downs, and recently it experiences generally fall, and deep down. But with the spirit of a troubled star starting a new life when she leaves the Betty Ford clinic in January, when else find the best time to get rid of everything old and start with a clean slate?

Correction:let’s cut off the all the damaged hair as a symbol of rebirth – rising from the ashes of its old life of failure and are healthy improved version of its former ‘I’. And while we are here, we can soften the red and light shades of the past in favor of a thicker (and adult) light copper tone, from which her eyes will shine.

New image:(virtual) transformation of Lindsay in the spirit of Emma Watson.

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