A reliable method of treating sore throat

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Spring is a period of decreasing immunity and frequent colds. At this time, you need to carefully take care of the needs of your body, and in particular, the health of your throat.Sore throatarises spontaneously, and often remains without due attention. But such an attitude can eventually lead to chronic tonsillitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis. It is very important to choose the right medicine in the first days of the cold.

Надежный метод лечения боли в горле

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Today the shelves of pharmacies are full preparations for any occasion, and often the choice in favor of one of them is done spontaneously. Often, people calm down after taking the drug with an anesthetic, when their pain in the throat passes, while forgetting that in the first place you need to fight the infection. The most suitable preparation for the treatment of sore throat with cold is Lisobakt.

Lisobact is a medicine used to treat a sore throat. It contains a natural antiseptic lysozyme and pyridoxine (vitamin B6). Usually, lysozyme is present in saliva, blood, tears, breast milk and in many human cells that are part of the immune system, such as, for example, neutrophilic leukocytes.

Since the mouth is the “entrance gate” for microorganisms from the environment, lysozyme is the first line of defense of the body, preventing the penetration of microorganisms. Lysozyme destroys the cell walls of pathogenic bacteria, has a local anti-inflammatory effect and increases the body’s resistance.   It is also effective against viruses and fungi.

как вылечить горло

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pyridoxine (vitamin B6) – an equally important component Lisobakta. It promotes the restoration of damaged cells of the mucosa, has a protective effect on the mucosa of the oral cavity and has an anti-aft effect.

As a result of these two components, the Lisobacter is able to gently restore the normal microflora of the oral cavity and increase local immunity. Therefore, when you receive Lisobakt, you recover faster. This is especially important for the treatment of stomatitis in children, sore throat with cold, treatment of chronic tonsillitis. Treatment of pharyngitis and sore throat will also be correctly supplemented with the use of Lisobakt. Treatment of diseases of the throat and oral cavity with the use of Lisobakt tablets, as a rule, is more successful.

Today Lisobakt is available in a large package of 30 tablets, which is very convenient and profitable.  


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