7 products that will help you lose weight in the fall

Scientists have shown that women who eat foods that have a high water content have a normal weight and a thin waist.

This is, above all, vegetables and fruits, among which there are their record holders for the amount of useful liquid. Doctors named7 such vegetables and fruits.

1. Broccoliis a vegetable that, in addition to water, is rich in dietary fiber and calcium.

2. Cabbage– rich in antioxidants, contains vitamin C, cabbage also significantly improves immunity.

3. Cauliflower– This vegetable is rich in substances that actively fight cancer. Contains   vitamin C and folic acid.

4. Grapefruitis a fruit that has a beneficial effect on heart function. It is rich in vitamin C, B9, as well as pectin and fibers, which are well against the development of atherosclerosis. Pink and red subspecies of grapefruit also contain vitamin A and lycopene, which protects blood vessels from destruction.

5. Salad– in 500 grams of this vegetable, only 60-70 calories. Due to this, the vegetable is named one of the top products for dietary nutrition. Salad is rich in vitamin B, folic acid and magnesium, which help regulate blood sugar and support the immune system.

6. Radish– a vegetable rich in potassium, vitamin B9 and sulfur, which contributes to better digestion. Also, nutritionists are advised not to forget about the leaves of radish, in which there are 6 times more vitamin C and calcium than in the roots themselves.

7. Spinach– It is rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin K. In addition, it has a specific substance that protects the eyes from the degenerative processes associated with age-related changes.

If you want to be in good shape and have a slender waist, then write down a list of the products listed above and run to the market!   The earlier you get together, the faster you start to lose weight and get more attractive forms.

7 продуктов, которые помогут похудеть осенью

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