10 tips for all cases of sexual life

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3 Council for Him:

What if …

1 … it is against oral sex?

Take a personal example. Against this, she certainly will not object. It can be assumed that when she realizes how divinely and how nice it is for you to do this for her, she will have a reciprocal desire to please you. Did not it arise? Do not rush to blame her for selfishness. Sometimes women refuse from oral sex because they are afraid to be not up to par, they just do not know how to do it (or they think they do not know how). The technical side of the case can be solved with the help of any pornographic cassette. And the emotional side depends on
your tact and soft perseverance.

2 … one day she will express some nontrivial
wish – for example, offer to shave your pubic hair

Do not give up! Unusual sexual desires in most cases
speak not about pathology, but about the lack of fresh impressions. Agreeing to her
“quirks”, in parallel, and themselves show imagination. So you avoid routine and
boredom in your intimate relationships.

3 … Do you want to become a father?

The best pose for conception, according to experts, is when a woman lies on her back, putting a pillow under her pelvis. But ideally, a whole series of activities should precede the emergence of a new life: refusal from smoking, alcohol and ^ strong drugs at least three months before this important event. And more: experts recommend a man 3-4-day sexual
abstinence – so that the strongest and healthy spermatozoa mature.

4 Council for Hee:

What to do if …

1 … it did not work?

At least once in a lifetime a sexual fiasco is tolerated by every man. It is this thought that you must inject into the mind of your loved one, until he finds himself hopeless
impotent. Surely the day before he was very tired or nervous. Or maybe yesterday you had a stormy night of love? The main thing is that no one should feel guilty for what happened. And what, in fact, happened something ?! Give the man
to understand that he is dear to you, regardless of whether he has an erection or not.
Believe me, these words act better than any Viagra!

2 … Is intimate affinity accompanied by pain
or discomfort?

One of three. Either you are for some reason afraid of intimacy or you do not want it. This prevents muscle relaxation and normal moisturizing of the vagina. Such problems are usually resolved in one visit to a sex therapist. Either you have place to be a cyst or inflammatory process, for example, erosion of the cervix
of the uterus. Or in your body, there are some hormonal changes,
provoking the dryness of the vagina (as often happens with menopause). If the pain
arises occasionally and only at a certain position, this may be due to the pressure of the penis on the ovaries. It is enough to change the pose – and the pain will disappear.

3 … Have you found him for masturbation?

Join now! In any case, behave as if the masturbating
man is a common occurrence in your life. By the way, representatives of the male tribe
masturbate twice as often as their weak halves. Why do they do it? First – rehearse. The second – mentally change the other. The third strain relieves the accumulated tension and irritation. Why not with you? Yes
because they do not want to see in their beloved a car for the removal of negative energy! So, whatever one may say, it’s only for the benefit. Moreover, by their own admission, masturbation further stimulates the desire to engage in “real” sex.

4 … he categorically rejects this method of contraception, like condoms?

Try to find out why. Perhaps the very process of putting on a “rubber band”
seems to him unaesthetic and asexual? So turn this into a part of an erotic
game – putting on a condom, for example, with your mouth. Maybe one day he had an allergy to a substandard condom. Give him a package of the most reliable and
hypoallergenic products. Or maybe he has problems with the Gosstandart? Of course,
it is possible to show solidarity, but American girls, for example, refuse ^ condoms only after the partner presents a certificate from the doctor.

3 Tips for Her and for Him

What to do if …

1 … the condom broke or came
sexual act, it is doubtful in terms of contraception?

Experts recommend taking a so-called “tomorrow’s ^ day” tablet-for example, postinor or PV 486. ^ In principle, any ^ hormonal contraceptive in the amount of 4 tablets is suitable for this purpose. The main thing is to take them ^ not later than 72 hours after the “dangerous act.” (For the modern emergency contraception see the section “Contraception”)

2 … did the vaginal spasm occur?

Just do not twitch! The natural desire of a man will immediately break out of love captivity-this can not be done in any case, otherwise he can seriously injure his partner. She should relax with a no-shpa or a warm bath. But it is easier and quicker to “open the valve” by inserting a finger into the anal hole
of the woman and slightly pulling it down.

3 … a man wants only in the morning, and
a woman – only in the evening?

The peak of male sexual activity accounted for five in the morning. But this does not mean that nature can not be deceived. Rebuild! It is better to start this way
during the vacation period, when you do not need to be present at work at
9:00. One day you will realize that waking up with the first rays of the sun and immediately
making love – it’s great! And he will agree that sex under the moon is not worse.

10 советов на все случаи сексуальной жизни

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