Who makes fashion on the eyebrows: expert answers

We recently learned  correctly choose the shape of the eyebrows under the face shape. But the fashion dictates its own rules on this matter. Here we have a question, who determines the trends on the eyebrows. I wonder what kind of eyebrows we really want this season? Then read our material!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      бровиPractically every decade there were their ownfashionable eyebrows. In the twenties it is arc-shaped threads, in the 40’s – thin eyebrows, in the 60’s – brightly-brought with noticeable bends, in the 80’s – thick bushy eyebrows. To us, the fashion for the maximum wide straight eyebrows came. Let’s look at the fashion icons of different times!

Кто делает моду на брови: ответы эксперта

We decided to ask the skilled eye-witnessfrom The Brow Bar (thebrowbar.com.ua) Marina Vakulyukall the details of the eyebrow fashion. Marina, we know that the whole world is going crazy on the eyebrows.Kary Delevin. And how did it happen that it was her eyebrows that became the most ideal?

Kara Delevin’s eyebrows are perfect for Kara Delevin. Without these thick, broad brows, it is difficult to imagine it, they emphasize its individuality. But such an eyebrow will not suit every girl. I think Kara’s eyebrows are the standard precisely because they do not disturb the harmony of her image. Who comes up with a fashion on his eyebrows?

It’s hard to name a particular fashion trendsetter on eyebrows. The podium dictates one, leading make-up artists – another, the main thing – not fashion trends, but still your personality. If you have a small face with small neat features, then you will hardly be approached by wide, thick eyebrows, there is a risk of making such a face rough. Eyebrows should not live separate from your face life, and you with their form should be comfortable.

Whose eyebrows are shown to you by clients most often as an example?

Do not show more often, but describe what you would like. But there are always three cherished words: wider, thicker, and so “beautiful”smiley.

And if the client wants a wide eyebrow, but her thin, it’s possible to do?

Possible, but this will require:
a) time;
b) refusal of self-correction and complete isolation of tweezers from itself, or vice versa; C) dyeing of the eyebrows from the master.
Professional application of paint in several stages will be able to create the desired shape, which will be much wider than the original one. What are the eyebrows in this season’s season?

In fashion, there are still wide, natural eyebrows, the only thing that has changed is the attitude to the “fashionable width”. The main thing is a harmonious combination of all lines and proportions of your face. This varies the width and thickness of the eyebrows.
Be beautiful, smile more often and entrust your eyebrows to a professional!

the way, while we were doing this stuff,Elena Kriginashot a video on how to make a fashionable eyebrows. We look and are inspired!

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