Victoria Beckham changed her hairstyle again (PHOTOS)

Celebrities are famous for the fact that the speed of light is changing images and hairstyles. This time we have news about the famous singer and designer Victoria Beckham.

Виктория Бекхэм снова изменила прическу (ФОТО)

RecentlyVictoria Beckham was touched at a show in New York, and now she got into the news digest because she decided to make a penalty. It’s no secret that the stars in our space and in the West are feverish fromfashion on the square, but not everyone remembers that more than 10 years ago it wasVictoria Beckhamintroduced this trend to her hair, and now she again decided to shorten her hair.

The other day the paparazzi noticed a designer on a walk in New York. The wife of the famous football playerDavid Beckhamwas dressed in a gray-green shirt and classic pants in tone, and the usual long hair, tucked into a bun, was replaced by a short square.

виктория бекхэм каре

Many people note that theSpice Girlsstar, who joined together again, is very long, although she once wore a haircut and is much shorter.  

виктория бекхэм каре фотоновая прическа виктории бекхэм

And we will remind that now everyone has a new photo sessionpiquant photosession of Tina Karol.

Photo:   EastNews

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