The best gadgets for pedicure

A woman who watches herself must be groomed from head to toe. Heels, by the way, require very careful care all year round, because if you do not take care of them in the winter and do not regularly do pedicures, it will be very difficult for you to quickly put them in order by the summer. To facilitate the task of caring for the legs, special instruments for pedicure and foot care can be used. I made a selection of the most necessary beauty gadgets.

Лучшие гаджеты для педикюра

Routers for hardware pedicure  

The hardware pedicure – a procedure which is carried out by a special device – the router. This saves you a lot of time.   The device is designed for cutting or abrasion of abrasive skin and nails. Today, the stores offer a large selection of such milling cutters. The device is completed with several nozzles, which differ in the different shape and structure of the working surfaces. Such nozzles can perform rough, fine and final grinding of the nail, and also do a hygienic pedicure (cut the cuticle). Approximate cost of the router is from 300 UAH.

device for removing calluses

With this device you can quickly introduce their heels in order. This beauty gadget effectively removes corns and coarsened skin. Suitable for the treatment of calluses on the palms, feet and elbows. Some models have several levels of speed, which makes the procedure comfortable and painless. Approximate cost – from 400 UAH.

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Duplex Laser grater pedicure

Thanks to laser notch on the metal, this grater removes all the corns and cracks. One side has a harder coating to remove the keratinized skin, and the other is more tender for final treatment. After the first use, the skin of the feet and heels becomes smooth and well-groomed. Approximate cost – from 150 UAH.

Tray for a pedicure

Thisbathnot only steamed the skin of feet and heels for further processing, but also promotes relaxation, toning and massage feet. Approximate cost – from 350 UAH.

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