Perfumery novelties of the beginning of the year. And what do you smell?

The New Year was marked by a whole series of perfume novelties. By spring they will be several times larger.

The Cartier brand, famous for its ornaments, has produced a flavor ofCartier De Lune. According to the representatives of the company, he   personifies the soft moonlight. The novelty has a floral scent that will suit romantic and young girls.

The notes of pink pepper, juniper berries, wild rose, cyclamen, honeysuckle, plain lily and bindweed are initially felt. The apogee of the fragrance is musk and woody chords. The novelty is presented in perfumery stores   vials of light blue color in volume 50 and 100 ml.

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American fashion house Donna Karan made a cover of DKNY Women’s fragrance and presented a new product to the New YearDKNY Women Summer-2011. This is a light summer fragrance that can transfer its owner to the Big Apple with its many neighborhoods, high-rise buildings, people, beautiful clothes, shoes and freedom of manners. It is no accident that the very shape of the bottle resembles a skyscraper   – volume of 100 ml and pink color.

The perfume has initial notes of grapefruit and red berries. But the highlight of the fragrance is jasmine, magnolia and lychee. The final notes are finished with white musk, cream sandalwood and teak.


But in a Berlin perfume boutiques have appeared in selling perfumeRevolution, created by New York designer Lisa Kirk. It would seem – another novelty, what is surprising? But the whole point is that experts describe its aroma as a mix of smells of blood, sweat and urine.

According to Kirk herself, this perfume is made up of artificial ingredients. A bottle is a homemade bomb. By the way, the novelty costs not cheap: 55 euros for the volume of 12 ml. Buyers from her just delighted.

A British perfumer named Patrick McCarthy decided to surprise the public its line of fragrances with the scent of money. He created perfume for womenHer Moneywith notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin, Hawaiian flowers and melon. Men’s fragranceHis Moneyhas the smell of ocean breeze, citrus, rosemary, herbs and valuable varieties of trees. According to the company-manufacturer Liquid Money, such spirits stimulate people for successful and productive work, perseverance and aspiration. Inside the box you will find real cut dollar bills – luckily.

In early March in the wide sale should appear a line of perfume, released in honor of the late Euty Michael Jackson. Brand Julian Rouas Paris will present two fragrances –Jackson’s Tributefor men andJackson’s Legendfor women. According to the director of the company Frank Ruas, all the profits from the sale of perfume to share between the brand and the Jackson family. Some part of this money will go to charity.

Парфюмерные новинки начала года. А чем пахнете вы?

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