How to warm yourself with cosmetics: an overview of the means

Warming cosmetics, in addition to giving a good effect on the skin, also warms up better than any hot-water bottle, which in the conditions of cold autumn and interruptions with heating is certainly a huge plus! We bring to your attention a selection of “warm” cosmetics for face and body.

Как согреться с помощью косметики: обзор средств

cleanser, scrub and mask “Pure Leather 3 in 1” from Garnier

universal means “Clear Skin” 3 in 1 combines gel washing, scrub and mask. When in contact with water, the product slightly warms up the skin, which enhances its cleaning effect. “Clean skin 3 in 1” is developed on the basis of white clay, which contributes to narrowing the pores. Also in the formula contains zinc, regulating the production of sebum, and an extract of Smithsonite, it cleanses the skin and removes it from contamination. In addition, pumice particles (a natural cleansing component) have been added to the product, which perfectly peels off dead skin cells and cleanses the pores. Approximate cost – 45 UAH.

mask-sauna self-heating “Red Clay” by Montagne Jeunesse

mask-sauna from Montagne Jeunesse is heated by contact with moist skin. The product has a calming effect and is ideal for restoring the skin after stress. After applying your it will become smooth, moisturized and clean. Approximate cost – 20 UAH.

Thermal Sea Buckthorn Body Mask “Nutrient” from Natura Siberica

warm sea buckthorn wrapping makes the skin supple and soft. The product saturates the skin with vitamin C, E and other useful ingredients. In the composition extracts of berries cloudberry (moisturize), cranberries (have anti-inflammatory effect), tuvolgi (remove toxins) and lungwort (regulate metabolic processes in cells). Approximate cost – 159 UAH.

hot body scrub to reduce body fat by Floresan

Hot scrub from Floresan is an effective tool for reducing fat and fighting cellulite. Due to the oil extract of red pepper and essential oil of cinnamon, the product heats the skin and accelerates the blood circulation, so that your fat “melts” and is eliminated by the body. Approximate cost – 78 UAH.

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Burdock oil for hair with red pepper

Burdock m layer is designed to strengthen and accelerate the growth of hair. Red pepper enhances blood microcirculation, which, in turn, facilitates the rapid delivery of useful components of burdock to hair follicles. With regular application, hair grows faster, becomes thicker and acquires shine. Approximate cost – 10 UAH. 

cellulite cream and butter chili SPA Technology from Tiande 

cream improves and normalizes fat and water metabolism in skin cells, it activates blood circulation and lymph cell metabolism. Approximate cost – 121 UAH.

Night Fango  body cream from GUAM


The cream promotes modeling of the silhouette at night. When applied to the skin, the product causes a pleasant warming sensation, which is accompanied by a slight tingling. The cream has a drainage effect, effectively affects the manifestations of edematous forms of cellulite. Promotes increased turgor and elasticity of the skin, moisturizes, nourishes, softens and renews the skin. Tones the skin and stimulates weight loss, has anti-cellulite properties. Approximate cost is 810 UAH.  

Warming Scrub Hot   Chocolate   of Organic   Shop

As part of the scrub can find organic cacao butter, vanilla, walnut and Guinean pepper extract. Scrub perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, increases its tone and deeply cleanses the pores. After applying the product, the color and relief of the skin is leveled, it becomes smooth and supple. Approximate cost – 65 UAH.

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