How to repeat the makeup of Irina Sheik

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Irina Sheik is a Russian model that has achieved impressive successes in her career. The beauty is famous and in demand not only at home, but also far beyond its borders, she regularly participates in all fashion shows, and her face does not come off the covers of glossy magazines. Today we will try to repeat the beauty image of the Russian model.

Как повторить макияж Ирины Шейк

Irina Sheik’s makeup is characterized by naturalness and naturalness. With the help of decorative tools Irina skillfully emphasizes her dignity and masks shortcomings. In her evening makeup, too, there are the basics of a make-up make-up, only the shades are chosen more saturated. We suggest to try to recreate the evening beauty-image of the model. The most important thing in the makeup of a celebrity is the perfect tone of the face. On the skin should not be noticeable any redness, wrinkles, pimples and other small imperfections. Using a foundation and a corrector, straighten the skin tone, but do not overdo it, since the skin should look natural.

Next, using a bronzing powder and highlighter, give the person a volume. The technique of sculpting the face isin our article. Eye makeup can be done with two shades of shade.  

First apply   shadows of a dark shade on the entire mobile eyelid, gradually increasing the density of color to the outer corner of the eye. Gently trim the borders.  In black pencil, paintthe intermittent space. Emphasize the lower line of eyelash growth with dark shadows. On the inner part of the lower and upper eyelids, apply light pearly shadows. Densely paint the eyelasheswith black ink.

Next, shape the eyebrows with a special pencil or eyebrow shadow.

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broad brush, apply blush cheeks natural shades to the area, for example, peach, gold, pink.

As a lip makeup, Irina Sheik usually uses lipsticks and lip glosses of natural shades.

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