Hot Summer: Top 10 Deodorants

Soon summer, which means that the issue of choosing an effective deodorant becomes relevant. I want to collect 10 best funds for you.

Жаркое лето: 10 лучших дезодорантов

When choosing a deodorant, it is important to be guided not only by the effectiveness of the product itself, but also by its composition.“The most important thing is that there is no aluminum dioxide in the formulation, which kills sweating, but at the same time prevents the skin from breathing and, as a result, the pores are clogged. It is also best avoided in the sulphate composition. Now the market is very much eco-deodorant. The truth is they are more expensive, but for health such means are considered safer “,– commentsNatalia Dichter, cosmetologist at Kamana boutique.

A different opinion on the composition of deodorants adheres to thecosmetologist, a former teacher of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry at the National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets,Catherine Miller:To date, no reliable clinical studies confirming the unsafe derivatives of aluminum in the composition of deodorants tried to find a link between Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum salts, breast cancer, and aluminum salts in deodorants, but no. There is a clear list of chemical compounds and their concentrations allowed by the US FDA for Use   to   cosmetology including  .Speaking of aluminum salts, as part of their deodorant should not be more than 25% within this concentration, they found absolutely safe. “.

Selecting organic deodorant or any other, the matter is purely personal. I WISH collected for you effective means of different composition, action and price. In addition, over the past year there have been many interesting new products. The choice is huge.

Dezodrant-antipersperant HEO in the form of a cream from Garnier

Mark Garnier has released a new product – a new generation of antiperspirant HEO as a dry cream. The agent is created on the basis of the emulsion formula “wax in water”. The wax crystals are quickly absorbed and form an invisible protective coating, and the oils soften and care for the delicate skin of the armpits.   In texture, the remedy resembles a cream that does not leave a greasy film behind. Thanks to the sliding applicator, the deodorant is evenly and easily applied. The agent is 80% composed of caring components. Provides protection for 48 hours. Approximate cost – 25 UAH.

Deodorant Beauty Deo 48, slowing down the growth of hair from Vichy

This year, the Vichy brand announced a new product – deodorant Beauty Deo 48, slowing down the growth of hair. For this function is the unique development of the brand – the Epil-Control complex. In addition, the formula of the agent contains light-reflecting particles that visually improve the appearance of the skin. Deodorant gives a feeling of freshness for 48 hours. On sale since the summer.

line deodorant effect from the Powder Nivea

brand Nivea   this year launched a new line of deodorants Effect Powder. It included three tools: stick, roller deodorant and spray. In the composition of all deodorants there is kaolin powder – a natural mineral with excellent absorbing and enveloping properties. Due to this component, the agent dries quickly, does not leave behind a sticky sensation and makes the skin soft. In addition to efficiency,   the brand also took care of the fragrance that people should associate with cleanliness and freshness.   The result was a light perfume composition. Top notes: essences of bergamot, orange and mandarin. “Heart” of the fragrance: rose, geranium, lily of the valley and jasmine. Train: sandalwood, musk, in combination with Tonka beans. Approximate cost – a roller deodorant – 25 UAH, in a stick – 30 UAH, a spray – 30 UAH.

Roller deodorant without alcohol Deo Pure by Biotherm

antiperspirant Deo Pure by Biotherm is based on active mineral complex that effectively regulates perspiration without blocking it completely. The product is suitable for the most sensitive skin. In the formula there is an extract of chamomile, which gently cares for the skin. The product does not contain alcohol, dries quickly and does not leave any uncomfortable sensations after itself. Approximate cost – 298 UAH.

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deo-collection means from Camay

deo-new collection of funds from Camay comprises 5 flavors: sweet Mademoiselle, brash Dejour, astringent and refined   Zerlina Dubois, invigorating Dynamique   and thin and with notes of the Romantique rose. The manufacturer proposes to pick up smells in mood, weather and along. All funds are presented in three formats – aerosol, roller and solid. The action of deodorants occurs in the following way: body heat activates special molecules in the formula of the drug that absorb, and do not mask, an unpleasant odor for two days. Approximate cost – 21 UAH.

Ball and dry stick deodorant Antiperspirant-Deodorant from Slinique

Both models effectively prevent perspiration and eliminates the unpleasant smell. Aluminum chlorohydrate is present in the patented formula of the agent. Both products are not sticky, leave no residue after themselves, without smell. Safe and effective for sensitive skin. The product dries on the skin for a few minutes. Approximate cost – 230 UAH.

Antiperspirant Go Fresh “Awakening Feelings” of Dove

Antiperspirant “Awakening Senses” has a burr and juicy flavor crisp lemon verbena. The means for a quarter consists of a moisturizing cream, contains vitamins E and F, which help to restore the skin after shaving, moisturize, make it smooth and tender. The novelty gives protection against perspiration and unpleasant odor for 48 hours. Approximate cost – 20 UAH.

deodorant-antiperspirant “confident victory”   from   Oriflame

Efficacy of deodorant is confirmed by the fact that it is used by athletes. The brand Oriflame became the official cosmetics of WTA. This is one of the world’s largest   organizations in women’s sports, uniting more than 2500 professional tennis players from 33 countries. Approximate cost – 24 UAH.

A refreshing deodorant Aromacology from L’Occitane

Formula deodorant enriched essential oils of mint, rosemary and pine that prevent the multiplication of bacteria on the skin and, as a result, destroy the malodor of sweat. Also, the remedy controls the secretion of sweat, and the toning aroma of the deodorant is very refreshing. The product does not contain aluminum compounds. Approximate cost – 199 UAH.

Citrus Deodorant from Weleda

Certified Organic deodorant gently protects against perspiration odor without clogging pores or disturbing natural skin functions. Essential oils from the skin of citrus fruits gently deodorize the skin and give a feeling of coolness and freshness. The deodorant composition is 100% natural and safe. Approximate cost is 165 UAH.

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