Homosexuality and anorgasmia, or why do ladies sympathize with gays

According to the research, sexual orientation does not depend on our will: it is impossible to “cure” homosexuality, just as it is to get rid of heterosexuality. You are either homo, or hetero, well, or bi. With improper education, when parents are trying to “knock out” a small child from craving for same-sex love, his subconscious mind is overturned. He not only begins to hate women, men, parents, but also himself.

Гомосексуализм и аноргазмия, или почему дамы симпатизируют геям

It would seem that women should despise men who by their nature have chosen a different path and do not pay any attention to the opposite sex. But no, in fact, women are much more tolerant of men withunconventional sexual orientationthan men. With what it is connected, understood HOCHU.ua.

What do the experts say?

According to research, the cause of women’s condescending attitude towards gays is in the issue of the testorgasm. Many women in their entire lives have never reached the highest sexual pleasure (this number is about 80%). For these women, sex is a dirty, painful, lying and indecent procedure. In order to somehow raise men, women pretend to orgasm, not counting it as a fraud. On the contrary, in the simulation, the woman sees politeness, the desire to please and not offend the man. And in the end, a woman who has not experienced an orgasm before, just frighten unfamiliar sensations. That’s why, many women sympathize with gays – they will not have to have sex. You can just be friends with them. Nothing will be more exact. All. Dot.

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interesting that open homosexualstreat women calm, sympathetic and respectful. They are gallant and polite. Secret gays hate the opposite sex. For them, women are like a red rag for a bull, acts as an irritant, as if recalling a “secret defect”, about which he is afraid to admit not only to others, but to himself. When women accept homosexuals, they practically declare that they do not need sex, exposing their ownanorgasmia.

The Gay portal AfterElton.com conducted a survey among its readers “What makes them so attractive in homosexuals?”. Some said that they did not feel any dangerous fluids from the gays. Others referred to the lack of traditional gender roles. For the third look at the two men together – it’s just sexy (we doubt, of course, but to each his own).

женщины симпатизируют геям


Girls, who not only sympathize with, and fall in love with gay men, called girlfag (from the English. “Fag-girl”). Moreover, the orientation of girlfag can be any -lesbians, naturalki, bisexual. Falling in love with gay, girls sometimes do not think about his orientation: he is attentive, friendly, likes to chat, is gentle, accurate and caring. Gays often listen to the interlocutor and smile sweetly, and the girl in dreams already married him and gave birth to his children. Virtually all homosexuals are watching themselves – they smell nice, they have neat and stylish clothes, nice hands. It attracts.


It’s not always easy to distinguish straight from homosexuals. Many gays behave like normal muzhiks, not sticking out their orientation, they can only be more polite, more courteous and look elegant. But there are also cutesy mannered boys who carry their unconventional sexual orientation, like a flag – you can see them in comedy series and understand what’s what. Some sexologists believe that the inability to distinguish a traditional oriented man from gay is a sign of a woman’s traumatized relationship, her bisexuality or fear of intimacy. In this and the truth there is something.

Some women knowingly fall in love with gays and even marry them, give birth to children. So convenient. They have a wonderful life and an excellent family with a mind, the absence of intimidating intimacy and the husband who is attentive to her and the children, but prefers to quench the thirst for love on the side with a partner of his or her orientation. For such women, gays are ideal partners. They do not imagine the possibility of living with a straight, because most of them are rude, boring, poorly dressed, insufficiently paying attention to hygiene, wrong and uninventive. No cinematics and crazy dances on the table. Naturalists do not understand extravagant habits, parties until the morning, why the apartment is not cleaned, and for lunch the day before yesterday borsch and why do you need 10 pairs of shoes. The gays have no such questions. If necessary, they will clean themselves in the apartment, prepare lunch and dinner, help to choose the perfect dress, shoes and handbag, will not gundet and lament that you left with friends for the party, and, perhaps, will make you a company. With gays, you do not have to pretend who’s in charge. You can just enjoy life, be yourself and twist other men. There will be no reproaches. You just live in a buzz.

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According to sexologists, in gay men fall in love and build a family with their sensitive, versatile and vulnerable nature. They can not be near the “dirty-headed dirty men”. It’s interesting, but indeed history knows cases (there are very few), when homosexuals radically changed their way of life and their orientation under the influence of women.Sex with gayspractically does not differ from the standard one. The only thing he can ask to stimulate his prostate through the anus with special toys. Many of them do not even offer anal sex – apparently it’s enough for them. Some gays themselves do not mind driving up to pretty girls. According to the research, there are practically no absolute homosexuals – most of them are bisexual. Only now, almost all in the end return to men – it’s easier.

American psychotherapist John Bellew in the article “Gay Men and Straight Women” argues that the attraction between women and homosexuals is an illusion. Gay sees in a woman only a person, not a sexual object. He is not interested in her body and appearance, because of this, it may seem to a woman that gay is infatuated with her. It can be so – as an interlocutor, a friend and an interesting and intelligent person a woman can easily interest a homosexual. And if suddenly there is sex – it’s just mutual satisfaction, “sex for friendship” and nothing more. Involvement of feelings will not. Only physical connection.

секс по дружбе

In relationships, homosexuals often include the game themselves, flirt and jealous, which is not the case with girls. Therefore, the girls feel themselves, they are calm and relaxed, they do not need to pretend and seem better. While gay and a woman remember about the game and entertainment among themselves – everything will be fine for both. Once everyone in this way wants to avoid normal relationships for themselves, both will have problems.

By the way, a gay pride parade will be held in Kiev on June 18, which usually causes a heightened excitement.

Author: Svetlana Misnik

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