Epilation of the bikini zone at home

In the summerthe epilation ofis very relevant, because on the beach you should feel confident and not worry about unnecessary hairs and irritation. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of hair removal and how to properly do this procedure.

Эпиляция зоны бикини в домашних условиях

Epilationis now in high demand because it has one practical advantage – the skin remains smooth up to 3 weeks. At the time, after the machine or depilatory cream, this effect lasts a maximum of five days. Another important fact – epilation is available not only in the cabin, but also at home.

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The hairs after epilation become soft, do not prick or cause unpleasant sensations. With each procedure, their amount on the body becomes less and, after a year of permanent epilation, they become more like “fluff.”

The procedure also removes unwanted hairs, but also exfoliates, resulting in the skin very smooth and velvety.

How do I do the epilation myself?

Wax– a difficult material, and only an experienced master can intelligently deal with it. To use it at home on your own, besides hot, you need skill. Take into account that in hard-to-reach places correctly and painlessly this procedure will be extremely difficult. Wax hair removal is better and much safer to do in the cabin or with a good master who does it at home, which will cost you much cheaper.

Another option –sugar hair removal. This method is more delicate and quite suitable for home conditions. Try to make an epilation on one simple recipe: 1 glass of granulated sugar melt in a container. When it starts to acquire a brown tint, add a couple drops of lemon juice. Let the sugar cool down a little, then roll the ball and, lightly pressing, guide them to problem areas against hair growth. After a little doubt it and start to process the next patch of skin. If caramel has hardened, add a little warm water.

can applywax strips for hair removal, which are sold in many stores. Follow the instructions on the package, get rid of unwanted hair. True, judging by the reviews on the forums, this method is not popular with everyone. Stripes do not pull out all the hairs, and therefore the remnants have to be removed independently by tweezers.

There are creams and– depilatories. This method of removal can be called the most gentle and painless. Just apply a clean skin cream, evenly distribute it. After 10 minutes (exact time look in the instructions), carefully remove the product with a special spatula, which comes complete with a cream. It is worth taking into account that after the depilatory cream hair begins to grow again for 4-5 days.

What is the best time for the epilationof?

Experts recommend the procedure to do 3-5 days after menstruation- sensitivity to pain at this time is minimal. Painful hair removal will be 3-4 days before the onset of menstruation and during the period of ovulation.

How to prepare for the procedure?

A week before the hair removal, you need to shave off the hair in the problem areas. The required length for the procedure is 5 mm. Before the procedure, take a shower and do not use any creams and lotions.

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