Dry lips: how to properly nourish and moisturize

Dry lips are not only a winter problem. Conditioners, improperly selected lipsticks and even the use of drugs with spf can cause dryness and flaking. How to organize your care and forget forever, what isdry lips, read in our material.

Сухие губы: как правильно ухаживать и увлажнять

Dry lips: Causes

Dry lips summer can become a reality for several reasons. First and most important, it’s a sharp temperature drop: when it’s hot outside, and air conditioners work in the room. It turns out, the heat is replaced by a sharp coolness – and vice versa. The first to these changes is the skin of the lips, since there are no sebaceous glands on the lips, and they can not protect themselves. Further, funds withspfcan also cause dryness. In particular, this reaction is caused by a component called oxybenzone. It is a filter of ultraviolet rays and protects the skin from their harmful effects, but often causes dryness.

Likewise, the reason for the dryness of the lips can be a fluorine-containing paste. If you have dry teeth and scaling after brushing your teeth – buy a paste without fluoride.

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Dry lips: how to care?

To keep your lips from getting dry, follow a few tips.


Every morning when you brush your teeth, the toothbrush walk on the skin of the lips. This will clear them from the keratinized particles, as well as prepare for make-up. Make sure that the movements are gentle and smooth. Also an important point is that the paste should be free of fluoride.

In addition, once a week, use a sugar scrub. You can prepare it at home.

make masks

To lips feel good, you need to take care of them as well as for the skin. Not an exception are regular masks. The coolest lip mask ishoney. Apply honey on the lips in a thick layer for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Procedure should be done 2 times a week. If you already have problems with the skin of your lips, make 5 masks daily.

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Twice a week to do a lip lotions fromgreen tea: moisten a cotton swab in cooled tea of ​​medium strength and apply on the lips. This will relieve stress, and also make the skin more elastic and elastic. In addition, green tea helps prevent the appearance of dryness. Time of aging of a lotion – 5 minutes.

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сухие губы

to his lips do not suffer from dryness, they need to moisturize. Every morning, when applying the cream on your face, apply a moisturizing balm to your lips. Let it be your daily ritual. Take care that the care balsam does not contain solar filters. If you protect the lips from the sun, then first apply a moisturizer, and after 10 minutes – protective.


At night, apply to the skin of the lips, wheat germ oil. It is rich in vitamin E, which will prevent the appearance of dryness, as well as make the skin soft and well-groomed. During the application, you can make a light massage: lightly press the lips, making circular motions.  

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