Do not shine: matting means that will save makeup in hot weather

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 Summer heat and scorching sun not only warm our pumped asses, but also relentlessly apply to our makeup and skin, in order to keep in good condition which need to use more tricks, funds and moisturizing cream.

Не блести: матирующие средства, которые спасут макияж в жаркую погоду

So, in the heat, even thedry skinwill produce a greater amount of sebum because of what the skin of the face becomes greasy   – without proper care, from the excess of this sebum may appear rashes,black dotsand large-large pimples. In order to avoid this, it is worth using more activemeans for washing,micellar waterfor removing make-up and moisturizing cream.  

Moisturizing creamis needed to ensure that the skin does not overdry and does not produce its own sebum, which would turn you into a brilliant star.  

However, in addition to the cream and proper cleansing, there are a large number of different products that will help maintain makeup andmatte skinthroughout the day.  

Matting wipes

Matting wipes  – An indispensable means of “makeup protection”. Napkins will help to remove the shine from the skin during the day and will not spoil the makeup.  

Matting creams

Matting creams should be applied before the foundation. They are able to remove excess fat from the face, making the skin smooth and matte, without any hint of gloss.  

Matting fluids

Better matting creams and napkins can only be fluids (not romantic).Fluids  – emulsions, which consist of natural components. Matting fluids remove inflammation of the skin, reduce the production of sebum.   Fluids are quite expensive, but their effect and small consumption fully pays off. And one such bank can last for the whole summer.  

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