Do I need injections of beauty: the views of ascetics and adherents of injections

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Today, most of our women are divided into two categories: those who are “for” any kind of experiments with their appearance, and those who are categorically “against” any injections. We decided to find out the opinion of both sides and make our verdict.

Men’s opinions about the rejuvenation of their women we will ask later and will necessarily share with you, t. this topic requires special attention.

«Against» injections

People who categorically “against” injections of beauty can understand. The Internet is full of photos from the “before” and “after” series, which show how much the person’s face has changed after unsuccessful injections of toxins andof fillers. In addition, on the World Wide Web there are often frightening stories with photoreports   The negative consequences of such procedures.

From this, people conclude that beauty injections:

Нужны ли мне уколы красоты: мнения аскетов и приверженцев инъекций

– this is not safe for human health;

– after them the person can change beyond recognition forever;

  – beauty injections paralyze facial muscles, resulting in lost natural facial expressions and, in general, it looks “stretched” and unnatural

Plus, solid woman aged face 25-year-old girl looks stupid and ridiculous.

Of course, in the practice of aesthetic medicine there have been different cases – echoes of the use of synthetic permanent implants still reach our times. But, like everything else, this area does not stand still, but is constantly evolving, creating new and more safe drugs for injecting rejuvenation and introducing more and more new techniques for their introduction. The development of technology has always been aimed at improving safety, reducing interference in the human body, and minimizing the possible negative consequences in the event of a doctor’s mistake. Those. “The ideal drug” should quickly and painlessly do all that we want, and withdraw our body, as if it was not. The time of rehabilitation after the introduction should be short so that a person does not leave his or her socially active modern life. And the drug could be administered at lunchtime.    

A good argument in favor of injections is the fact that the latest trends in the choice of standards of beauty today is the naturalness and naturalness of the image. Experts in the field of aesthetic medicine can not ignore it, therefore they try every time to convince their clients of minimal interference in the natural process, and do their work very professionally, qualitatively, unnoticed by others, introducing fewer amounts of the drug than the insatiable client requests.

  «For” injection

People who have an active interest in this area and are going to make yourself an injection or have long practiced it, are well aware that at the moment:

– there is a sufficient number of experienced professionals , ready, in the first place, to conduct a detailed consultation in order to make the right decision together with the patient. And only if the client is deeply aware of his aesthetic problems and has a clear understanding of why he needs changes in appearance, decide to work with him further.

– Most drugs on the market are safe for the human body, and this is confirmed by an impressive amount of research.

– there are a number of injections to solve different problems. As they say, not Botox is one!

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In short, the beauty injections includes any injection, intended for facial rejuvenation. They are a great choice: toxins, fillers, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, reinforcement. And in each of these species there are subspecies and injections.

The most common at the moment, injections of beauty are fillers. Fillers have a wide range of applications, but this is not an operation that requires you to lie under the surgeon’s knife and be away from your usual life for 1-2 months. And the fact that only relatively recently it was possible to correct only with the help of plastics, now many are eliminated by several injections. Usually this procedure is quite simple, takes no more than an hour and does not require a long recovery.

For example, one of the leading products in this area isRadiesse. It is completely safe for humans, as evidenced by more than 150 studies around the world. Radiess is very popular in Western Europe and America.
It is also registered in many CIS countries.

The uniqueness of the drug lies in its main component – hydroxyl apatite calcium. This substance is present in the human body, therefore it is perceived as “native”, which, in turn, eliminates a number of problems and undesirable consequences-allergies, rejection, delayed immune reactions, and encapsulation.

Thanks to hydroxyl calcium apatite, this preparation not only fills wrinkles and creates volume where it was lacking, but also stimulates the production of cells by its own collagen – the main building material of the skin, which is responsible for its elasticity. Thus, the process of natural aging is not only suspended for 1 year, but in many cases the appearance is rejuvenated for several years.

Correction facial parts before and after

WhenRadiessecan be used not only to smooth wrinkles, restore facial contours, but also make a correction back of the nose, chin and chin folds, hands, commissure mouth, temporal region, nasolabial folds, and also eliminate traces of   injuries (lack of tissue) and give a beautiful shape to the earlobe.

The drug acts very gently, without disturbing either your natural facial features or its facial expressions. It is not injected into the muscles and does not attract additional moisture to itself. You look young, but very natural. Your friends may not even guess that you resorted to injections.

Doing or not doing injections?

There are times when people simply can not live normally due to congenital or acquired imperfections on the face. Bad mood, depression, low self-esteem, self-denial, insecurities, complexes – from such a bouquet of psychological problems you can easily get rid of by making a couple of safe injections.

Of course, only because of a whim to make the lips more magnificent, and cheekbones – more expressive, it is not necessary to run and sign on to injections of beauty. After all, what nature has given us is exactly what distinguishes us from each other. Why should everyone be like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez? In addition, if you always take care of yourself (exercise, eat right, regularly moisturize and nourish the skin, go through massage courses), you will still look attractive, because old age can also be beautiful. Everything depends on you! As a commercial

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